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 In India, there is still huge difference in job opportunities being offered by private and government sector to females.Moreover job scenario is even worse for female engineers in country as most of the companies and government organization does not consider female employee ideal for most  of the jobs. There are only few Industries and government organizations which gives equal job opportunity to female candidates, mostly are the software and Human resource sectors.
Often I have been asked by many of my friends and people about the best engineering courses for girls. Seriously, I will admit that times are tough in such a competitive market scenario to get a job for both the genders.  Therefore, girls have to be more cautious while selecting the right engineering course along with the right choice of college. Ultimately If you are willing to do a job after engineering then you have to select the right branch and college which gives you edge in career once you are out for a Job.

I have thoroughly studied various journals and survey trends,  and prepared a list of best engineering branches for girls.

Below are some best engineering courses for girls which will certainly help them to choose the right engineering majors considering the future aspects.

Best Engineering branches for Girls

Electronics and Communication Engineering 

Electronics and communication Engineering or ECE is the most preferable stream for Girls. because it offers equal opportunity to get a job in hardware and software field. As most of the jobs in this field can be managed from sitting in office, therefore companies equally offer positions to Male as well as Female. 
The highest paid engineer job amongst of other engineers as Electronics Engineer does have a versatile profile and suitable for many of the industries such as software, Electronics, Electrical and education. However few of giant Indian Government sector companies give preference to female candidates than Male in research related jobs.
Employment will grow in Electronics and communication sector by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020, which will offer millions of jobs to fresher and definitely ECE graduate girls will have upper edge to dominate the job market in future. 


Usually this is  special category of engineering stream which is a potential field for girl Engineer, who is very much interested in designing, plotting and interiors.  For past few decades we have seen developments as far as Construction and Infrastructure in India is concerned. The sector has measured new dimension and no doubt better career option especially for girls to design buildings, hotels, offices, industries and commercial .
I have seen most of the girls prefer for Architectural work because they do have a good designing and intellectual ability. 
Ultimately Architecture stream will not offer bulk of jobs but dedicated approach and design oriented girls may opt the career as an Architect.

Computer Science / Information Technology

Computer science and IT have been the highest paid engineering streams since it started  in mid 90’s in India. Computer Engineer is responsible to design program, software and websites. They receive mean earning of Rupees 3 Lacs per year in starting of their career, an increase of 10% annually. 
Computer science and Information technology jobs are expected to grow by 10.4 percent, which are average of all years.
India is a hub of IT companies and approximately world’s top 100 IT companies are operating in India, which are producing every year tons of jobs for equally male and female Engineers. As a girl you can choose Information or Computer science major in Engineering if you are willing to relocate in metropolitan cities during your job tenure. 


Best engineering course for girls if they are interested to pursue career in bio technology. Jobs for biotechnology are expected to grow by 9 percent, which is slow than other field. But demand in healthcare sector and foreign investment certainly increase the demand of Engineers in this sector in the upcoming years. Most of the jobs for females in this field will come from design and systems field.

Electrical Engineering

If you are a girl and want to establish a career in Government sector, then probably this engineering branch is for you. Most of the Electrical companies in the sector of  power, energy, generation and distributions are  Government undertaking. These companies are offering positions to Female engineers as per the government reservation policy, and because of large number of job opportunities; chances are always high for female Engineers to qualify.

Apart from the above, companies give equal importance to university and college. Henceforth, select the best Engineering college as this will give you an additional advantage considering your candidature for the job.

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  1. There are so many different fields an engineer can concentrate on. Many engineers are into product creation, as with computer firms. Some of them also proceed to the area of research, where they undertake a whole lot of lab work.
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  3. Nice post.I am looking forward for new ones, keep up the great work.

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      Thanks. do visit regularly for more updates

  5. Engineering courses is idealistic course for boys. Good thing that there are many engineering fields nowadays that would encourage girls to adopt engineering course that suits for them.

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  6. can you tell me the best engineering course for girl

    1. Hi,

      We have provided all necessary information in article and if you like to ask anything specific. Please use contact us form for detail.

  7. cud u please tell me the engineering prospect for girls in civil engineering?
    my id:watsonreez@gmail.com

    1. Obviously great if you are ok with design subjects as girls have more options in designing field.

  8. I have completed my bachelors from civil and now I'm going for MS so, please help me out from this fix that which country is best suited for me to pursue Ms and after that for jobs aspects.

  9. Is project management in smu distance a good choice after completeing b.tech ,if I will get job?

    1. don't rely on Distance education when thousands of regular course students are struggling to get a job.

  10. What does the private company want for recruiting a b.tech civil engineer in b.tech marks accordingly..

    1. Vary company to company. But they give preference to meritorious students

  11. Hi,I want to know the job oriented courses for b.tech in Electronics and communication,as a girl,ppl have suggested me not to enter in networking field,plz let me know other courses which r beneficial for girls???

  12. Hello Sir,
    I've completed B.E. in Civil Engineering and now I'm planning to pursue mtech in construction engineering and management or in structural engineering! Since I've only these two options which I've in the prestigious manipal university Karnataka! I'm bit confused which course to opt! Which is suitable for a girl to survive in the industry after doing mtech in the above two mentioned courses n which is preferable fr a girl! I've heard nowadays structural engineers are huge n most of them are being jobless! Construction engineering management is better option I've heard! What all the cons n pros are there in these two!? And I can't do my course out of Karnataka! So manipal is the best I've heard!

  13. which engineering field should i go for , as a girl , which would be job oriented too ??

  14. Hellow am ravi shukla and study civil engineering and i got 60% in diploma 1st year is 60% is sufficient to get any type of job

  15. Hellow am ravi shukla and study civil engineering i got 60% in 1st year is 60% sufficient in term of company to give me job



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