Dual Degree engineering Programs: A Growing Trend with Excellent Scope

Dual degree programs seem to be much more in demand among students in engineering, management or other fields of study. Dual engineering programs offer excellent scope in today’s competitive job market. The following post talks about the increasing popularity of dual degree engineering programs.

Dual degrees are the popular options among students who want to take benefits of cost, time, and varied career prospects. Such courses enable the students to find career in either of the two fields of study.


What are dual engineering programs?

Dual engineering courses can be defined as the tailored courses that allow the students to gain knowledge in more than a field and gain competitive advantages in the job market. Such a concept was first started by VIT, Vellore.For instance, an engineering student pursuing a 5-year dual specialization program will study two different branches at a time and get two certificates on successful completion of the course. Some of the popular dual degrees offered by the top engineering colleges in India include:
· B. Tech. & M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
· B. Tech. & M. Tech. in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
· B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering & M. Tech. in Process Design and Engineering
Usually, a dual degree course is a 5-year program. However, there can be exceptions where such courses can last for only 4 years, while other programs can be of a much longer duration.

Growing Demand for Dual Degrees

To meet the growing demand and popularity of dual specialization engineering courses, most of the reputed technical institutions and colleges are offering such degrees in different fields. IITs are the top most examples of such prestigious engineering institutions that promote dual degree courses in India.
IIT Delhi, one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi, is a preferred option among engineering students when it comes to pursue a dual degree course. IIT Delhi offers popular dual degrees like B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering & M. Tech. in Communication and Information Technology. The other reputed engineering colleges in India, like Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa) also offer well-recognized dual degree courses.

Dual Degree advantage- Earn degree from abroad and India

The importance given to foreign degrees in the Indian job market has significantly encouraged various reputed institutions in India to enter into partnerships with some of the top ranking international technical institutions and universities. This allows Indian students to earn their desired dual degrees from abroad as well as India.

Get the cost and time benefit

Pursuing dual degrees from reputed institutes not only allows you to save in terms of time, but also money. Dual degrees are well-designed courses that enable the students to gain knowledge in the two major fields at the same time in a limited cost. The accelerated learning acts as a lucrative way to find various avenues for a promising career.
Though dual degrees offer various advantages, it also includes some challenges to stay motivated to two different specializations at the same time. To study dual engineering courses, an aspiring student should remain more focused to follow a proper planning and coordination to perform well in the two fields.
So, get ready to pursue a dual degree program from any one of the top engineering colleges and diversify your career opportunities!

About the Author:
Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a wide range of interesting ideas and content to share with the readers in the field of education. Her articles and blog posts on the engineering colleges are published on various reputed educational websites.
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M tech distance education


M tech distance education

We all know getting an engineering degree in today’s arena is not sufficient to get a job therefore; students are forced to upgrade their qualification or go for higher education. There is high level of competition all around the globe and special skill can help you to stand out from long queue. There are many areas which an engineer can choose like MBA, Mtech and MS after completion of their graduation.

Most of the student prefer job right after Btech/BE and remaining go for higher education. You may also read our previous article on Scope of civil engineering.

You must consider yourself lucky if you are getting selected in campus placement. If not, then you can either go for a Government job preparation or post graduation. The best option in current scenario is to prepare for GATE and try to book a seat in top universities which offers Mtech education.  However some of the students who are keen to study Mtech choose any institute which offers M tech through distance education or M tech part time.

Most of the working professionals want to upgrade their knowledge and qualification for better job opportunities without leaving current job, opt for M tech through distance education. I want to advice them, there is no alternate for regular course especially in technical education. Moreover AICTE has not authorised any institute/university to run a B Tech / M tech distance education course in India.

Mtech distance education

I have listed below genuine university/colleges offering M tech through distance mode and also approved by the UGC and Distance education council of India.

  • Nagarjuna University
  • BITS, Pilani
  • Jadavpur University

However if you want to purse regular M tech, then here is a list of top M tech colleges in India.

Top 10 M Tech colleges in India
  • IIT Delhi 
  • IIT Mumbai
  • IIT Khargapur
  • IIT Kanpur
  • BITS Pilani
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Chennai
  • Vellore institute of technology
  • NIT, Warangal
  •  IIT, Guwahati
Getting a higher education is always beneficial but don’t forget to check the creditability of university and collages before getting enrolled. If you any question related to M tech distance education and query regarding M tech colleges in India, use our comment section below.
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10 Time Management Tips for Students

10 Time Management Tips for Students
Time management is a very important aspect of the student life. The article suggests some tips, which can be helpful for the students in managing their precious time in the best possible way. Read on to learn about this topic!
After entering the college life, the main problem with which the students have to fight throughout, is time management. Being in a college, every student quickly learns that managing his/her time is the most challenging aspect. With a number of things on the “to do list”, there is a strong need to develop time management skills.


1. Note down the important things:

It is the first rule of the thumb to jot down even the smallest thing at one place.It becomes very important to note down the time, which you are planning to devote for studies, and religiously follow that.

2. Using a calendar:

No matter if it is a paper calendar or your mobile phone, make sure that you have a calendar.

3. Take out some time to relax:

Make it a point to devote some time for relaxation and leisure activities. Just because your day begins at 7:30 AM and ends at 11:20 PM does not mean that you cannot take out some time for yourself.


4. Keep trying new systems

With the students going more and more techno savvy, there is more room for things which can help to make notes of the day. If your mobile phone calendar is not big enough, invest in apersonal digital assistant (PDA) or buy a paper diary. In case you have too many things to note down for the entire day, try using color codes. Only a handful of students make use of such time management practices, be one of them and find the most suitable system for you.

5. Be flexible

There are times when you have to face things when you least expect them. Give some room for celebrating special occasion in the lives of people around you. On a funny note, make it a point not to carry your calendar or PDA to note down how you celebrated such occasions.

6. Make plans

Do you have to complete a big research paper by the last week of the trimester or semester? Go back to your calendar and try to figure out that what time you would need to do research and finish it.

7. Have master plans for the most unexpected

Certainly, you are by your calendar and are about to complete all your research work for your semester by the end of last night of the semester, but what if you fall ill the night before your presentation day! Expect the unexpected so that you have the time to fix the mistakes and unplanned issues.

8. Avoid stress

Address the source of stress. If it is a person, sit down with him/her and talk about how you can work better together.

9. Get rid of the frustration

Find someone who can listen and talk it out. Discuss possible solutions.

10. Change your perspective of dealing challenges

Tell yourself that each new situation or problem is challenging, and you need to learn from these. Try to see the good side of the situation.

The TIMED Time Management System

Of late, a concept being followed by a majority of the students globally is the acronym "TIMED,"

T - Task Related?

Question yourself that if the task you are doing is related to your studies? Is it something, which you know that you need to be done? Are you doing something, which does not have any goal or time limit? Once you get answers to these questions, trust me, you can never fall short of your expectations!

I - Interesting?

Is the thing you opt to do is interesting? For instance, if you consider reading some topics, which are not related to your study but are interesting and knowledgeable, who knows, they can be helpful in future!


M - Matter?

Are you aware of the fact that what you are doing matters? For example, if you are reading online something about celebrities’ affairs, these will certainly not help you anyways. The time when you go to bed and think of your accomplishments during the day, you will realize that such reading such topics actually killed your precious time! Think and decide!
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E - Education-related?

Every student fights with such issues for the entire student life. It is important to identify things that can be helpful for your studies.

D - Deadline-driven?

Are the things, which you do, related to a deadline? Do you need to do something within a stipulated time? Do you plan to practice something, which may extend your task deadline? If so, address your deadline in a positive manner and find the best ways to cope with the issues you face while meeting the deadlines!
Time management is a tough task for the students, particularly in the early stages of their college life, once you know how to manage time; you will start tasting success. With so much to learn, having good time management skills is mandatory for your success.

clip_image002Author Bio: Rashmi Karan writes for Shiksha.com, India's most popular online education portal for the higher education aspirants. She offers suggestions related to all education related queries and dilemmas. Explore to learn about professional courses across various colleges and universities in India.
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Mechanical Engineering—Career and Job Prospects


A vastly diverse field, mechanical engineering still happens to be a favorite among all engineering aspirants. Read the following article to know more about mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering career

An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

One of the oldest engineering branches, mechanical engineering is often referred to as the mother of engineering. It is the discipline of engineering that deals with the doctrines of materials science and physics. What sets Mechanical engineering apart from the rest of the engineering disciplines is its great diverse nature. Since the history of mankind, several scientific inventions have had some influence or involved the continuous use of mechanical engineering. Traditionally, concepts that mechanical engineers have dealt with are robotics, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. These ideas were put into action by mechanical engineers in order to design manufacturing that were often state-of-the-art. Mechanical engineers also contribute towards the developments of power plants, engines and machineries. They are involved in both manufacturing and designing and manufacturing is one industry where mechanical engineers are always in demand.
Nevertheless, with the passage of time the old-age job description of mechanical engineers have undergone numerous modifications. Their areas of specialization have expanded into arenas like environmental conservation, nanotechnology, development of composite materials and many more. Mechanical engineers of the twenty-first century are often seen performing myriad tasks in the fields of management, finance and others.

Mechanical Engineering – Diploma or Degree

A vast field, mechanical engineers have ample career opportunities in a country like India. Even in an era where software and Information Technology (IT) seems to have away all the laurels, Mechanical Engineering still has millions of takers. Students face tough completion while cracking engineering entrance examinations like Advanced JEE and AIEEE. Basic eligibility required to appear for these examinations are 10+2 completed in Science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Students can choose from several mechanical engineering colleges in the country. Apart from the Advanced JEE and AIEEE, several Indian states also hold engineering entrance examinations. Well-known among them are the MHT-CET (Maharashtra Joint Entrance), WB-JEE (West Bengal Joint) and CET (Karnataka Joint Entrance).
A B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering spans four years. Upon completing his or her B.tech a student can opt for an M.Tech and continue with higher studies. Candidates who want to pursue their M.Tech form the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) must clear the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE). These days some top engineering institutes including the IITs offer combined dual programs in mechanical engineering, i.e., B.Tech and M.Tech combined spanning five years’ duration.
However, those who do not fall under the category of “lucky ones” can opt for a diploma in mechanical engineering. Polytechnic institutes across the country offer diplomas in mechanical engineering. Diploma holders in mechanical engineers can also end up with lucrative job opportunities. Manufacturing sector also employs diploma holders in mechanical engineering. However, unlike a B.Tech degree, the duration for a diploma programs spans three years.
Candidates those who want to pursue a diploma in mechanical engineering can enroll themselves in the Institute of Mechanical Engineers or Institution of Engineering.

Expenditures and Financial Aids

While it comes to expenses, a degree program in mechanical engineering depends upon the institute. A B.Tech from a private engineering college would cost somewhere between INR 80000 to INR 350000. However, if you are lucky enough to crack the IITs or any other reputed government engineering college, the expenses can very somewhere between INR 40000 to INR 50000.
Scholarships and financial aids are available for deserving and meritorious students. The Indian Oil Corporation Limited offers scholarships to students who want to pursue mechanical engineering. Apart from that, top mechanical engineering institutes have their own scholarships and their own set of criterions.

Employment Opportunities and Remunerations

A diverse field, mechanical engineering abounds with ample employment opportunities. Mechanical engineers are essential to design manufacture, test, operate, install, and maintain an extensive assortment of mechanical schemes that are used in myriad productions. Both the public and the private sector employ mechanical engineers. Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in India – TATA, Reliance, Aditya Birla, and Ashok Leyland.
Major industries where mechanical engineers can seek employment are; aeronautics, bio-mechanical, space research, automobile, energy and utilities. On the other hand the agriculture and the refining sectors are also potential employers of mechanical engineers. In the government sector, mechanical engineers can showcase their talents as consultants and technical experts in government-run projects.
In an ever-green field like Mechanical Engineering, it is needless to say that salary packages are definitely good. Though the beginnings can be somewhat rudimentary, still a fresher can earn anywhere between INR 20000 to INR 25000. Students passing out from the IITs can expect a better starting salary compared to the rest.
Nonetheless, over time, experience and proficiency leads to a better package. Depending upon their position and organization, mechanical engineers can earn up to INR 25 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs.

Top Institutes

Some of the engineering colleges in the country to pursue mechanical engineering are listed below:
  • Indian Institutes of Technology, at Kharagpur, Kanpur, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Guwahati, Roorkee
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah, West Bengal
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (Ranchi)
  • College of Engineering, Pune
  • College of Engineering, Guindy, Tamil Nadu

Author Bio: A follower of the latest trends in education in India, Sampurna Majumder has been lending her expertise to the top Indian educational website Shiksha.com by writing articles and blog posts on the current educational trends in India such as these. She is a passionate writer and a blogger

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Scope of Civil Engineering


Today we will talk about the scope of civil engineering as it is an important question in current scenario. It is true that no one likes to spend 4 years for engineering and afterwards remain unemployed. Before we talk about the future scope of Civil engineering I would like to share interesting data about college pass outs;

  • 11% Civil Engineer Opt higher education after completion of BE/BTech like MBA, ME, Mtech and MS.
  • 7% Students get selected every year in campus placements.
  • 3% Student prefer study for IES and Govt Job
  • 1% Student selected for Govt Job
  • 1% Student starts own business/Family business

So remaining 76 percent student will have to go out and search job or remain unemployed. It is a huge figure and not pleasing as far as concern of the scope of civil engineering, isn't it ?

Don’t panic ! Let me explain step-by-step.
Civil engineering is one of the oldest branch which has many different areas to work from home building construction to highway; therefore huge scope for civil engineering graduates to work in many different sectors such as design, planning, construction and execution. It also includes many works such as road, building, bridge, runways, dam, power generation,  waste water treatment, sewer line, water supply, offices, industries and many more.

If we talk about the future scope of civil engineering in India then we can see construction, power and energy sector have been growing with rapid pace and there will be huge demand of Civil engineers. So you can relax and if you come under category of 76 percent then you can feel a sigh of relief. It is because civil engineering is the only field  which has less unemployment than other Engineering branches. Moreover I will explain below which field in Civil engineering you choose to get maximum benefits and salary packages.

Designing - Scope of Civil Engineering

One of the premier job category in Civil engineering if you start your career as a designer. You must have good academics records and hands on experience in designing to grab a job in any top construction or designing firm. However initial salary may not be good enough but after a year or two you may earn around 5 lakhs per annum.
In Proficiency of the following civil Engineering software will be helpful to get a job as a Designer.
  • Staad Pro
  • AutoCAD
  • TopoCAD
  • SurvCAD
  • 3D structural Modeling Software
  • AutoTurn
Get complete list of must-learn Civil Engineering software here

Planning -  Scope of Civil Engineering

If you consider yourself better planner then choose career in Planning or project management which you might have learnt during your study. Although only big companies and construction department can afford a Planning engineer.  It is rather a good job choice as you can manage to work from office iteself and additionally can get moderate salary up to 4 to 5 lakhs initially in any big construction company like Tata, Sharooji Pallonji, L&T etc.
To acquire planning knowledge and project management I will recommend you to get expertise in following software before attending any interview.
  • Primavera
  • MS Project

Construction -  Scope of Civil Engineering

Getting a job as construction engineer/Project manger is an easy as compared to designer. There are large numbers of opportunities available in many construction area like industrial, residential, road construction etc. A construction engineer is responsible for execution of project and there are many different level to achieve and you may reach up to Project manger level at site level. 
Moreover you don’t require any special training or program to work as construction engineer but it is considered a tough job in its category.

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Don't be disheartened if you do not get a job initially. Just wait for right opportunity as future scope of civil engineering in India is bright.  Always prefer the job category which suits you most otherwise you will not be able to perform well.

If you have any question regarding scope of Civil engineering or career in Civil Engineering then please ask below in comment section.
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