Book movie ticket on Bookmyshow using master card and get Rs. 50 off

Bookmyshow master card offer: Discount of Rs. 50 on Movie Ticket   

The online sector simply cannot grow on its own if the banking sectors do not support them hand in hand and offer the users with the best customer support and user satisfaction. There are just way too many options, where a customer can choose from the various range of offers and deals and when you can find just everything ranging from your daily needs like kitchen wares to apparels to the electronic gadgets to your bus and train tickets and even your movie tickets for your entertainment. and that too with such amazing offers, the best that you probably can get for yourself is just simply on these online markets and not in the traditional markets. The online market is just the best place for one to opt for any product at large. 

Master card offers: Get Rs. 50 Discount on booking movie ticket on Bookmyshow

Today here, I would help you get your movie tickets at a discounted rate from BookMyShow using the MasterCard Debit Card for the first time and get the first two tickets at a discounted rate with a rebate of Rs 50. To avail with this amazing offer, please follow the steps listed below.

1. Get to the site and simply select all that you would have to.
2. While opting for your payment, select the credit card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking option and proceed.
3. Click on the select offers and from the drop down menu you would now select the required offer.
4. Use the 16 digit code on your card in the box and apply. This would serve as your coupon code.
5. To continue your payment of the discounted amount, make sure that you pay the amount by Credit/Debit Cards / Net banking.
6. Alternatively, you can also use Quick pay to proceed with the payments faster. This is a simply awesome feature of the site.

Thus avail the offer and enjoy your movie at a cheaper rate.
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Mobikwik offer: Get 10% Mobikwik cashback on mobile, DTH and Internet Recharge September 2015

Recharge Mobile on Mobikwik and Get flat 10% Cashback September 2015

We must understand that people in this world are passionate about the future but they dont want to live their paresent well. You always waiting that launched product will be available cheaper in price after few weeks but do you know that, Product you will buy will not be updated with the present technology. Therefore you again need to look for that product after few weeks as no one in this world want to use older items. So I will advice you to keep track the Promo code and use it at right time to get the material in cheaper price. We have listed down a small but effective deal which help you to save few bucks using Mobikwik wallet or recharging DTH, Mobile at site.

Mobikwik Cashback offers: Flat 10% off in month of Septmber 2015

Mobikwik offers its users simply with way too many offers and you can just bank on the site for all your recharging needs. There are just way too many options, that you have for yourself in the site and there are just too many options that the site offers for itself! One can get the best offers and deals from the site and just to get the maximum out of the sites, you would have to use the coupon codes and promo codes for yourself! Now that the company has just too many coupons to offer, you can always grab one. As of now, you can enjoy your offers with the site which is presently offering 10% cash back on all the money added to the Mobikwik wallet. Thus, here grab the fabulous deal and enjoy your cashback offer in this famous website.

1. Sign up for a new account, after you have logged in your account.
2. Now click on the Add Money button and make sure that you provide with the exact amount that you want to transfer to the account.
3. Now select the promo code below the Add Money option and use the promo code, MOBIJULY10
4. You are sure to receive an instant message stating your OTP!
5. Now, you would have to insert the promo code after having verified the OTP and continue.
6. Now, use the great promo coupon and avail yourself with the stunning discount!

Terms and Conditions:
*  A minimum of 200 rupees must be added to the mobikwik wallet account.
* Maximum available cash is rupees 75. Thus, to get the best out of the process, make sure you do not exceed the amount, else you will not be paid of the extra amount.
* The offer remains valid strictly on the credit cards and debit cards.
* The last date to avail the offer is on 31st September 2015.

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Dominos Pizza 25% Off using the Pizza Coupon Code at Checkout

Get 25% off on Online ordering of Domios Pizza
Pizzas in the recent world have been one of the best fast food that one can think of and owing to the rich taste that it offers, it surely is something to die for. The international pizza companies like Dominos have come up with the best food chains round the globe. The fresh and tasty products are just what needs special mention among all the products that the company has. The company also woos its customers with great deals and here is just another of those. Get a minimum of 25% discount on your favorite pizza! To use the offer follow the simple steps stated below:

1. To get the favorite pizza, check on with every offer and deal that you can probably think of in the site. Just choose the best starters, dessert and main course from the reputed international franchise.
2. Add the pizza and all others and now turn on to the payment option.
3. In the payment option, avail the coupon code TMP25 to avail 25% minimum discount on your order.
4. Now go ahead with the payment procedure and you will avail your 25% discount quiet easily.

Dominos Pizza 25% off using the Pizza Coupon Code 

Terms and Conditions:
1. To avail this offer, you must make sure that you place an order of 350 rupees or more. Orders below this price will not get the benefit of the coupon code.
2. The discount is applicable only on the pizzas and the breads. Anything other than this would stay out of the offer.
3. Offer is not valid on Simply Veg/Non-Veg or Pizza Mania combos! Thus, to enjoy the offer, choose something else, that can excite your taste buds!

Thus, I hope that you will have some of the mouth-watering pizzas for yourself from the reputed store with this offer at hand and that you would honestly enjoy the delicacies at the cheap rate!

Do you know that Pizza is world's most selling food product and over 40 Millions pizza delivered to home every day. You must get the right Pizza Promo code to save big on the purhcase of this most delicious item. We have provided you fresh Pizza coupon code to get minimum 20% off on Dominos pizza ordering online in India.

Keep visiting our portal for fresh and reliable Dominos Pizza Deals. 
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Ebay Coupons and Discount Voucher Code : July 2015 Save big on Ebay Deals

We have created this special section to give you best Ebay Coupon codes and recent Ebay Voucher to save big on shopping at Checkout the fresh and latest promo code and buy product at rock bottom price;

eBay Coupons July 2015 

If you haven’t heard of the name eBay, I would consider you, the reader, to be a little child or a person ignorant and uninformed about the world. eBay stands at an exalted position in the field of e-commerce across the globe. Even if one hasn’t shopped with eBay, he/she is sure to come across this name and logo via newspapers, advertisements and other media. However to many of us, eBay serves in catering to our shopping needs and finding products that we search online. Therefore we are often unaware about the birth and growth of this company. Here’s a detailed description of the company to those who are eager to know more about this successful company.

The beginning years

Pierre Omidyar, the master mind behind the famous and fast growing company, embarked on his successful journey in 1995. Based in San Jose, California, eBay is spread across thirty countries and is known to be a multi-billion business enterprise. eBay, as it is now known, was begun under the name AuctionWeb and was started as a hobby to Pierre. As the interest of the public increased, Pierre Omidyar was forced to collect a nominal fee from the user. However this was welcomed by the crowd. Over the years the numbers of auctions increased dramatically and thus the growth of the company was steady. In September 1997 the company took up a new brand name for itself- eBay. Echo Bay Technology Group, to which the site belonged was attempted to be registered as and as the name existed, Pierre Omidyar was forced to shorten it as Interestingly, it is on September 21, 1998 that eBay went public and gained $53.50 on its first day of trade. The company also gained a couple of renowned business names such as Skype, PayPal and iBazar under their control.

eBay Business and Offers

The success of any company is calculated on the basis of customer satisfaction. On the above mentioned factor, eBay undoubtedly has won the hearts of the customers. Here are a few reasons that clearly indicate the uniqueness of the company.
One of the primary focuses includes increasing international trade and to a great extent the company is on the winning side on this aspect.
eBay offers various payment options to the customers thereby making accessibility simpler.
The varied collection of items available on the site makes the site unique and sought after. The company also removes products that violate the Terms and Policies.

eBay Payment Methods

eBay offers varied  payment options such as credit or debit card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Wallet. eBay also offers EMI or equated monthly installment in which the amount is equally divided over a period of months, thereby making it convenient for the customer to pay. This option is available, only for a purchase above Rupees 3500. Cash on delivery is yet another option in which the amount marked against the product is paid fully to the representative who delivers the product. Payback points enable a user to buy a product fully or partially by entering the payback pin. For example, if I want to avail the payback points, I have to sign in to and create a payback account and finally link the payback account with the eBay account. Then I am eligible to offers and discounts that can be redeemed through payback points. The standard point conversion is 0.25 rupee equals to 1 point and therefore to receive 1 rupee I have to redeem 4 points.
Refund: When the customer has a transaction that is interrupted by poor internet connectivity or other reasons, the money that is debited from the account is replaced within a week’s period by the eBay team.
Shipping: When a product is purchased, the confirmed product is shipped within 3 days and the user receives the tracking number and the product is expected to reach the customer within 5 working days. When the above conditions fail the team strives to meet the expectation of the customer by refunding or providing faster service.

eBay Coupons, Deals and Offers

If you are looking for a coupon to shop on eBay, go to and type in the search tab ‘eBay coupons’. You will be directed to various websites that offer coupons for certain time periods. For example, the search has landed me in and various eBay coupons are displayed. These offers cover a wide category of products namely furniture, home and dinning etc. and one benefits by the discount received in place of the huge amount.

How to use Ebay Coupon code and Discount Voucher

In order to make use of a promo code, you have to log in to and browse the categories to view the product of your choice. Once the appropriate product is viewed and selected you have to click the tab that shows ‘Buy it now’ and then proceed to enter the coupon and enter the apply button. Thereafter click on ‘proceed to pay’ to pay through any of the payment mode that seems appropriate to us.
On the contrary coupons will be considered invalid if it has expired or on deals and products that do not allow the use of coupons. Ebay India Promo codes cannot be used after the use of payback points.

eBay today stands as a towering company in the field of e-commerce and offers a wide range of products that are sometimes unavailable through other websites. An added advantage is the numerous Ebay offers, discounts and coupons available online and the popularity of the company makes various others to partner with eBay and give associated offers. One of the striking features that would force me to recommend eBay to a new customer is their readiness to deliver products to small cities and villages. Thus it caters to the need of every customer both in the urban and rural parts across the globe. Their availability, easy access, offers and many payment modes make shopping online simpler for customers like me and I vouch eBay for a pleasant shopping experience.

We also give user a solid and reliable shopping experience on world's top shopping site. They must explore here fresh Ebay India Coupons and Voucher to buy product on cheaper price possible. If you Interest to share Ebay voucher then Pl. give us Discount code in comment section below, which we will publish soon.

Stay updated with latest Ebay India Coupon Code July 2015

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IPS Flooring : Indian style concrete Flooring

IPS flooring stands for Indian patent stone flooring, it is a basic type of flooring which provides good wearing properties. It is generally used for all types of floors and mix of concrete used for IPS flooring specification is 1:1.5:3 (cement, sand and stone aggregates). As per the nature of use the flooring thickness of concrete is decided from 25 mm to 50 mm. It is laid over the concrete base (1:4:8), which is almost 3 to 4 inches thick plain cement concrete (PCC) base.
You can decide the thickness of the IPS flooring as per the requirement of work; in residential floor 75 mm floor thickness is sufficient whereas industrial floor thickness should be kept 150 mm.

Preparation work before IPS flooring

  • Prepare the sub-base by watering and ramming and ensuring no loose material are left. Level the surface and stone soling layer of 150mm to 230 mm to be provided as per the requirement.
  • It is recommended to provide adequate slope in Plain cement concrete (PCC) in a base course as it will not be possible to maintain slope in IPS layer due to limited thickness.
  • Door frames should be fixed prior to flooring work.

IPS flooring

Procedure of IPS flooring

  • First of all make reference level on the wall transfer this marking to all location where flooring to be done with help of water level tube.
  • Ensure there is no air bubble present in water and then it is exactly matching the water level while keeping both end together. Reference mark is to be transferred on all across the flooring area and it should be marked permanently with the help of line marker.
  • Flooring thickness level to be marked and dummy level dots provided in every 1 or 2 meter ensuring required slope of flooring.
  • After proper setting of these dummy concrete dots. Concrete in specified mix should be poured in panels to minimize shrinkage cracks. The size of panel should not  exceed more than 3 square meters for indoor and 2 square meter for outdoor flooring.
  • Glass, aluminium or brass strip are fixed in cement mortar with their tops at proper level according to slope and allowed to harden for minimum 36 hours.
  • After pouring of concrete, surface to be levelled with a Straight Edge and finished with a wooden float or trowel.
  • The final troweling should be done before the concrete has become hard and sufficient pressure is required to make firm impression on the concrete surface.
  • There should not be any mark left on the finished surface and care should be taken that no cement slurry spread on the surface.
  • If glossy or smooth IPS flooring surface required then neat cement punning, 2 to 3 mm thick is spread over the IPS concrete surface and allowed to soak into the concrete. The surface is finished with metal trowel 3 to 4 times to give surface a glossy look.
  • For curing of IPS concrete flooring surface pond or wet Hessian clothes are spread over surface for 15 days.
  • If required, Vacuum dewatered machine to be used for big work to give surface smooth and better finish. This not only prevents concrete surface cracks but also increase the abrasion resistance of IPS concrete surface.
  • Further to avoid surface cracks, polyurethane fibres are added to concrete, in small portion. This type of concrete is also called Ferro cement concrete.
  • The casting of concrete flooring in panels to avoid shrinkage cracks and work as expansion joint. Therefore it is advisable to use Tremix flooring especially when large areas like platform surface, pavements and industrial flooring are to be done.
Also Read: Tremix flooring

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