Rajasthan University Time table 2018 - Check here the December Schedule


Find below the updated Time Table of Rajasthan university, Also available on Uniraj.ac.in.

Name of the University University of Rajasthan
Location  Jaipur
Website www.uniraj.ac.in
Program UG & PG
UG Courses (3 Years Program) BA, Bcom, Bsc, BBA,
PG Courses (2 Years Program) MA, MSc, Mcom, MBA
Type of Time Table Semester - December 2017

Sr. No.

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Jadavpur University Exam Routine & Datesheet 2018 - Complete detail for Odd semester Exam


Check here the Jadavpur University Time table & Result 2017-2018


University Web Site - http://www.jaduniv.edu.in/

Course - BA | Bsc | Bcom | MA | Btech (BE) | Mcom | MBA | BBA| MCA | BBA | BCA

Scheme - Semester - Even & ODD

Semester - 1st, 2nd (First Year), 3rd, 4th (Second Year), 5th, 6th (Third Year/Final), 7th, 8th (Final Year)
Announcement Type Download Exam Time table
Exam Routine Odd Semester Not Declared
Provisional Selection List for the Winter School in Literature and other Arts Check here
Provisional Selection List for the Refresher Course on Teacher’s Educators Check here
Routine of Even Semester BE, 2016 Check here
Routine of Even Semester OLD 2016 Check here

JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY Time sheet/Time Table details for the academic session 2017-2018 and odd Semester examination which will be held in December and January month.

Brief Info about Jadavpur University

The Jadavpur University is a public state university that is present in West Bengal. This university has a very rich history and is among the top universities in the nation. The history of the university can be traced back to the year 1955. The foundation of the great University which now happens to be the pride of the nation with various awards and accolades to its name was laid by some of the most eminent people of the era. The greatness of the university can be explained by the fact that the first principal of the University was Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. Other eminent teachers who have been a part of the college were Prof. Hemchandra Das Gupta, Prof. Amartya Sen, and others.
The University was previously known as a college which had started functioning in the year 1905-1906. The college had also seen the likes of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Surendra Nath Banerjee and many other elites of the era. However, the knowledge that was bestowed upon these pupils, there was not much they could do with it, as the certificate from this particular college was considered null and void until the establishment of the Jadavpur University by the state and the central government in the year 1955.
Even today, the university holds its own importance. The chancellor of the university happens to be the then governor of the state, which means that the chancellor of the university is always the Governor of the state irrespective of any exception. Talking about the infrastructure of the college, the college has 2 campuses, both in the urban areas, one in Jadavpur, which consists of 58 acres of area and the other in Salt Lake which has 26 acres of land to its name.
Apart from having some of the best infrastructures, the university is also aimed at improving and further polishing up its expertise in the field of education. The university is ranked between 600-650 QS World University Rankings of 2018 and was also ranked 772 in the world by U.S. News & World Report. Also, the university is ranked at 12 for its overall performance by the National Institutional Ranking Framework. All these surely adds on to the prestige that the students have for the university.
The university has a mission of providing the students with the best possible standards of teaching and research for the students of the nation. Apart from other missions, another striking mission is to mould as per the need of the hour and to make sure that the university keeps providing the students with the modern and the new subjects that would help the students to shape up their life in the future and also help the nation in its progress.
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Solar Panel Price in India

With the passing days and the hue and cry of having a reusable source of energy taking a toll on the people of the world, there is an increase in the demand for the products and items that run solely on the solar power. In the same note, it must also be noted that not all solar panel serves the same purpose.Thus, you have to keep in mind the solar panel cost in India. There are various solar cells that are in use in the market and one has to make sure that they are having the correct one in place to get the most of it.
Solar Panel Price in India

How do we select the best Solar Panel For Ourselves?

Well, selecting a solar panel has a lot to do with exactly what you want out of it and how much you are ready to invest in it. However, that is surely not all, there are way too many factors that one has to keep in mind. Some of them are listed below:

1. The amount of sunlight that your place receives:

Well, the number of solar panels needed to get the desired output from a place having a great amount of sunlight and exposure would not be the same with the number of solar panels needed to get the same for a place which receives relatively less sunlight. In such a case, one has to make sure that the correct number of solar panels are installed.

2. The device for which the solar energy is to be used:

The solar panel that would be sufficient to light a bulb or a watch would surely not be the same that can help one with an automobile. Thus, the capacity and the power that one can get from the two solar panel would be way different and thus, one has to make sure that they get the one that suits their need the best and also keep in mind the price of solar panels.

3. Energy efficiency:

One has to keep in mind that not all solar panels have the same level of efficiency, while some can convert almost 14% of the light falling on them into useful energy, there are others that can be used to get up to 20% efficiency. Typically, in India, the efficiency lies between 14-17%. Although, it seems obvious that one would choose the one with more efficiency over the others. It must also be stated, that the price of solar panel in India would rise with the efficiency. Thus, before going on for the efficiency, one would have to understand if they can do with the one having a lower efficiency and even that might suffice its need.

Cost Of Solar Panels In India:

The cost of solar panels varies within a huge margin, ranging from a few thousand to a few lakhs of rupees. When you are looking at some solar equipment like the solar batteries and the solar bulbs, one can vouch on the price that would be something around Rs 1200-1500 in various e-commerce websites in India. However, if you are eyeing to get the entire building getting its power from the panel, then you would have to shed something between 1-1.25 lakhs.
Here are some of the typical points that you must be knowing when you are looking for the solar panels price in the country.

1. Typically it is noted that the products that are on sale in the various e-commerce websites offer around Rs 30-50 per watt for generating the power. However, generally, the price of the solar cell in India that the modules having higher Watt power capacity generally have a lower per watt charge.

2. One can avail subsidy in the solar panels, by purchasing the made in India products, which highly reduce the cost of solar panels in India.

3. For someone who does not experience too much power cut in the area, they can mostly go ahead for Grid Connected PV System, that would help them cut on the cost, as a Grid connected system costs almost half the cost of an Off Grid Solar PV System. An Offgrid Solar PV System costs something between 1 lakh to 1.25 lakhs.

4. There are two types of solar cells available in India and the one that is most commonly used in India is the Polycrystalline cells.

List of Solar Panel pricing in India - Data gathered from the various online source

Type of Solar Panel
Price (Appx)
INR 10000
INR 9000
INR 6000
INR 4000
INR 3000
INR 2500
INR 2000
INR 750
INR 415
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available

We hope that this article gives you information about everything that you were possibly looking out for before you go out to buy solar panels in India and buying Solar panels from the top manufacturers may help you to avoid extra maintenance cost in future.
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Operating principle of Solar Panel and What is P-N Types Semiconductor?

A solar cell or a solar battery is a device that is used to convert the light energy into electrical energy. This light energy is mainly the radiations from the sun, which is converted to electrical energy can be then used in the various forms in our day to day activities. The photovoltaic cell work on the three following principles. The first one of these three is the absorption of light by the photovoltaic cell. This helps in the formation of the electron-hole pairs or the excitons. The next process inside the cell is the separation of the charge carriers from the opposite poles. The final process is the extraction of the carriers to the external circuit. All these three processes together make up the working of the photovoltaic cell, which would help in the conversion of the light energy to the electrical energy.

However, the use or the principle of this process can be better understood by studying the exact principle by which each of the above three processes takes place. Thus, here is a detailed description of the principle of the solar cell or the photovoltaic cell.

Operating Principles of Solar Cell:

The key components which help in the conversion of the solar energy to the electric energy are the solar modules. These solar modules are made of semiconductors. the semiconductors that are used in the modules are almost similar to the ones that are used in electronic equipment. The silicon semiconductors, that are most commonly used in the electronics devices are laminated to form an n-type and p-type layer. When light falls on the crystals, they generate electricity, through the induced photovoltaic effect. In this case, the electricity that is produced is direct in nature and they can either be directly used or stored in a battery. The P-N gate of the entire arrangement is one of the most important aspects of the system, as that is what gives the driving force. Thus, while one is making the P-N arrangement, one has to be very sure, about the following:

1. It must be noted that the n-type and the p-type Semiconductor layers are to be stacked over one another.
2. The silicon crystals must be very well laminated.
3. The produced electricity is of DC type and thus should not be used for any device that accepts only AC, as that would lead to complete damage of the device.

Having a complete knowledge of the Solar cells and also making sure of everything that is mentioned above, we hope that one would get the complete knowledge of the principle that is going on behind the photocells.
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What is Solar Electricity, Solar Power advantage, disadvantage and principle


What is Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity is produced from Sunlight shining on Photovoltaic Solar Panel or sometimes referred to as PV Solar. In simple words “Electricity is generated in a Solar Panel”

Principle of Solar Electricity

First discovered in the early 19th century a solar panel generates electricity using the photovoltaic effect. In the research, it was observed that certain materials produced the electric current when exposed to sunlight or light. Two semiconducting material needs to be combined, whereas one layer has to have a depleted number of electrons. when it exposed to direct sunlight, some of the photons excites the electrons, causing a jump from one layer to other. Once an Electrons move from one layer to another, it generates the small amount of electrical current.

Image Source:  kids.britannica.com

Material which is primary using to build a solar cell is Silicon. Silicon cut and polished in a very thin layer often called them “Wafers”. These Wafers then cut and align together to make a solar cell. To take the current, conductive metal strips are attached. 

When a photon hit the silicon, Photon absorption causes some of the electrons to jump from one to another layer. Therefore an electrical circuit is made and this process creates an electrical current.

More photon absorbed by the silicon, the greater the current generated. 

Solar cells generate the electricity from direct sunlight. Few Solar cells can generate electricity on cloudy days and some better solar cells can generate even on moonlight nights.

Individual Solar cells generate a small amount of electrical energy. To make them useful, combine the solar cell together and make a solar module. Sometimes this is known as Solar Panel or Photovoltaic Module.

Advantage of Solar Power

  • Solar is a low carbon electricity generator as compared to generating other types of electricity  
  • Apart from the installation cost, the source of generating energy (Sunlight) is completely free.
  • Solar System maintenance cost is extremely low.
  • Solar electricity can be a great source of power in a remote location, where there is no source of power generation.
  • Solar power installation cost is high, but for the long term, it helps to save big money spent on generating electricity.

Disadvantage of Solar Power

  • Biggest and notable disadvantage of solar energy that the sun is not available 24 hrs when it is not shining or goes down then Solar Panels stop generating electricity.
  • An alternate source of energy required or energy storage is must to provide electricity for 24 hrs.
  • Energy Storage Batteries are very expensive and lead major expenses year after year.
  • Human needs more energy when the sun is not shining, i.e. night.

These are the Solar power advantage and disadvantage, but certainly can say “Solar Power” is far better than any other source of energy.
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