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The Indian battery industry includes two sub-categories lead acid batteries and li-Ion batteries. Only lead acid batteries are manufactured in India whereas the li-Ion batteries which are required in mobile phone and computer are imported. Lead acid batteries are mostly required by the Automobile industry and the largest manufacturer of lead acid batteries is Exide Batteries Limited.

Worldwide demand for batteries is expected to go up almost 8 to 9 percent annually by 2016. China is largest battery manufacturers and market leader worldwide while India and South Korea have the fastest growing market. The Indian automobile battery industry is about 3.7 billion dollars and Industrial battery industry which includes Telecom, Railways, Power & UPS is 1.85 billon dollar as on 2010, with 20 growth rate annually. The automobile battery market is divided into the Replacement market and the OEM market. The OEM market is catered by companies like Exide, AMCO, Amara Raja.

Top Battery Manufacturers In India

The following is a list of Top Battery Manufacturers in India

Exide Industries Ltd

Exide Industries Ltd, top battery manufacturers in India and largest lead acid storage battery manufacturer. An Exide industries has its plants in India and Sri Lanka. The company has total 6 six factories in India, 2 in Maharashtra, 2 in West Bengal, one each in Tamil Nadu and  Haryana. They are the major supplier of batteries in India covering 70% of India’s automotive and industrial needs. Globally they supply to American Power Conversion. Exide products are used in critical applications in infrastructure and defense sectors. 

Exide is one among the five companies in the World having the capability to manufacture submarine batteries. The Company has exported the submarine batteries to Algeria with the government’s permission in the recent years.

With continuous innovations the Company has risen to become one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of batteries in the sub-continent today. The Company supplies batteries to almost all the two-wheeler and car manufacturers in the country. In the domestic market, the Company sells its products under EXIDE,SONIC, Standard Furukawa and SF Brands by Exide battery dealers. In the international market the products are sold mainly under DYNEX,SONIC and INDEX brands.

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) was founded by the entrepreneur Dr. Ramachandra Naidu Galla. It was incorporated in 1985 as a private limited company and later in 1990 it got converted into a public limited company. Amara Raja Batteries is a part of the Amara Raja Group. ARBL signed a joint venture with Johnson Controls Inc. which is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries in the year 1997 to manufacture in India the Amaron automotive batteries. ARBL is one of the top battery manufacturers in India mainly in acid storage batteries. It manufactures batteries for automotive and industrial applications. Power Stack and Quanta are the company’s industrial brands and Automotive batteries are marketed under the name Amaron.

It supplies batteries to various sectors like telecom, railways, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power control and exports, and to automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Amara Raja also provides installation and maintenance services to its customers. ARBL was the one who introduced the Zero maintenance technology in India’s automotive battery segment. Automotive battery manufacturer Amara Raja Batteries has planned to set up a new plant in Andhra Pradesh, which will have a capacity of 2 to 2.5 million four-wheeler batteries per year.

Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd

Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. founded in 1988 is a power and energy storage company. It delivers quality products for commercial applications and home. Luminous Power Technologies Limited manufactures and markets inverters, renewable energy products, water purifiers, UPS systems and batteries in India and abroad. The company’s products includes renewable & alternate energy solutions like solar & wind, power backup, industrial batteries, infrastructure solutions for telecom & IT, electrical products for homes and diesel generator sets. Luminous dominates the domestic market as well as the international market. It has over 8 manufacturing units in India, 3000 employees and 1 manufacturing unit in China, more than 25000 channel partners and 28 sales offices. Luminous manufactures batteries designed for back up applications.

Luminous Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Batteries are designed to offer consistent, reliable and low maintenance power for UPS applications. Luminous has won many awards for market leadership and product reliability in domestic as well as international arena. Luminous was awarded with the 'Global Super brands' status and top the market of battery manufacturer in India.

HBL Power Systems Ltd

HBL Power Systems Ltd. a listed Indian company having its headquarters in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India) was established in the year 1977. HBL with more than 30 years of experience in the field of specialized batteries focuses mainly on Engineered Products and Services. HBL is a leading supplier of batteries like silver zinc, lead, nickel etc. which are utilized in different sectors like Defense Electronics, Railway Electronic Signaling and others. HBL RAIL, an approved supplier of batteries is a unit of HBL Power Systems Limited which is associated with the Indian Railways for over 25 years.

HBL batteries provide backup power for critical applications in Aviation, Railways, Solar and many others. To cater the growing demand of domestic battery market HBL operations are spread across several continents world-wide having sales offices and factories in various parts of the country. HBL also has offices, distributors and agents’ worldwide. HBL has a Battery manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia as well.

Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd

Su-kam Power Systems Limited was founded by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev in the year 1998. It is a power solutions provider based in India and present in more than 70 countries. Su-Kam has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana (India). Su-Kam provides power back-up solutions for both domestic as well as international markets. The company focuses on inexhaustible, eco-friendly energy solutions like solar power. Some of the major products of the company include Inverters, Generators, Solar Range and Batteries. This company has global presence in battery market; has set up 50 service centers and over 10000 authorized company dealers/distributors. Green technology is the main focus of the company. Su-Kam has a R&D unit which has got over 70 patents.

It has manufacturing facilities in Nepal and at different locations in India. Their branch offices are located in Dubai, Sharjah and Nigeria. Dealer and distributor meets are regularly held for their international channel partners. Su-Kam is major batteries producer in India, which participant in exhibitions and trade fairs all across the world.

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