Computer Courses List for Students and Professionals

Analyst say you cannot imagine your life without computer whether you are a student or a professional. It is very obvious if you won't learn computer along with your study, then you will not be able to find a job in modern world. A doctor cannot successfully complete a major operation without the help of computer, Bank cashier will need more time to keep & maintain the records of customers, Civil Engineers will not deliver project on time if computer is not available. Yes, we all feel handicapped without computer. Therefore, I must say computer is backbone and future will be driven by this idiot box.

basic computer courses list

Any ways, There are two types of computer courses;
- One which is directly related to computers – Hardware, Software development and programming.
- Other is indirectly related to computers – Software Application, subject related learning and operation.

Lets talk about direct computer courses, these courses are for those people who work behind the computer screen. For instance software engineer or programmer who developed Microsoft word, excel and Auto desk Auto Cad will be in direct category of computer course.

Below is a computer courses list for those students who would like to purse career in computer Industry as a programmer, developer, designer or software professionals

Computer courses list ( Important Computer Courses)

Graduation Program

Post Graduation Program

Certification Program

Bachelor of Arts in Computer science
Master of software Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (BE/Btech)
Master of Science in Network Security
Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology ( BE/Btech)
Master of Business administration in Computer information systems
Bachelor of Mathematics  in Computer science
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer science
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(B.Sc IT)
MBA in computer Information Systems

An Engineer, doctor, accountant, scientist and many other professionals are also depend on the computer to accomplish their work. Let's take for an example Sonography machine, programmed by a computer engineer but used by doctors to diagnosis a problem in patient internal body.

Therefore, every professional has to learn software which will help him to minimize the effort and work precisely.

Following are the computer courses list for Professionals who are not software developers / Programmer.

Computer Course list (Important computer Software for everyone)
Microsoft – Word, Excel, Power Point
Hospital management software
Store Management Software
Basic Computer Operating Course
Lab / Pathology Management software
Store Stock Software / SAP

Project Management
Auto CAD 2D & 3D
MS Project
Auto Cad Architecture

Besides above, there are millions of courses available out as per the need of job and few software are developed as per the job requirements. But you should learn few basic software by either practising at home or learning from course provider.

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