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Brick is a cheapest, easily available, man made construction material which replaced stone and rock slabs long back around 200 years ago. It has a long history and now it has become an essential construction element because it is cheap, light weight, requires less manpower skill and handling is easy than any other construction material. As I mentioned above, Brick making was completely a handmade process since arrival of brick making machines. Initially Brick making machine or clay brick making machine did not get the proper response due to cheaper labour cost in India.

The brick making machine received highest queries in last decade due to enormous growth  in construction industry dramatically raising the demand of bricks. Therefore Brick making machines came into existence to fulfil the high Brick demand to emerging construction market in India.

In this booming period, labour cost was gone up and brick manufacturers adopted the machine technology to produce bricks. The huge demand of brick manufacturing machines opened the door for numerous manufacturing companies to produce brick making machines to cater the largest unskilled manpower industry.
fly ash brick making machine
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Listed below are some of the facts to understand advantage of brick making machine as compared to manual brick manufacturing.
  • Machine bricks are proper in shape, uniform texture and sharp corners.
  • Clay brick making machine produces homogeneous mix which cannot be achieved cent percent in manual mixing.
  • Shape and size of manual brick will not be identical due to continuous use of wooden mould as compared to machine brick, where iron moulds are being used.
The block, clay brick and fly ash brick making machine can be manually or hydraulic operated and varying outputs from 10000 to 12000 bricks per hour in large machine, whereas small machines  produce 600 to 1000 bricks per hour.
Advantage of Buying Brick making machines.
  • Big construction companies can produce bricks on site and cut down construction material cost.
  • Machine bricks available on site can produce brick as per work requirement and in-house manufacturing will give more control to ensure quality.
  • Shape and size of brick can be obtained as per the construction requirement.
  • Different types of bricks manufacturing can be done as per the work requirement such as Fly ash bricks, red bricks.
Generally brick making machines are available in local market and existing brick manufacturers are well versed with the efficiency of these machines. But if you are planning to establish a brick manufacturing company or a firm to supply bricks to construction companies / retail market then below a list of top Brick machine manufacturers in India will be useful to get in touch with them. Moreover you can get complete detail by visiting their websites and use enquiry form available on respective website to submit your query related to brick making machines and their standard outputs.

1. AHP Machines - Pune, Maharashtra
2. Chirag India – Karnal, Haryana
3. Laxmi & company  - Coimbatore, India
4. PGP Brick Industry – Sangli, Maharashtra
5. Karan Engineering Works – Delhi, India

Apart from manufacturing Brick making machine the above mentioned companies in India are also dealing in  Paving block machines, Fly ash Brick making machines and Clay brick making machines.

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