Uses and importance of Scaffolding in Construction

Civil Engineers, construction professionals and technicians are well aware about the term “Scaffolding”. It is a temporary support or frame structure provided for construction, maintenance and repair work on which person can work and take material load. It can be made of pipe, wood, metal, wire or stone which is used to provide comfortable working platform for performing the construction activities.

Scaffolding materials

Common Material used for Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding Tubes – Steel tube used for scaffolding as per Indian Standard code (IS) 4014 should be 40 mm nominal bore heavy class and grade Yst 22.
  • Steel Fittings – Steel fitting should be in accordance with the IS code 2750.
  • Timber – Timber used for scaffolding should be of good quality, not painted and treated properly without any defects.
Scaffolding consists of three basic components which are standard, ledger and transom. It is a temporary structure but for safety of human life it has become essential part of industry. The following things to be taken care of while using scaffolding;
  • Scaffolding material shall be easy to erect and dismantle, and every part / joints shall be visible.
  • Scaffolding shall not be placed close to high tension wire and moving equipments.
  • Necessary falling protection to be provided if working above 10 feet height. Also, provide safety net for any mishaps.
  • Scaffolding base shall be properly grounded on level surface and if necessary provide base plates.
  • Make sure locking arrangement, coupler and fitting are properly tied and secure. Guardrails should be provided at working platform if it is above 10 feet height.
  • Scaffolding pipes, joints, fittings should not be stored in contact with lime and cement. Moreover ensure proper cleaning of coupler, fitting and pipes regularly with the help of wire brush after work.
  • Locking arrangement and rails should be provided for wheel operated scaffolding.
  • Person should be well competent to work on the scaffolding and use proper PPE (Personal protective equipments ) during work such as head guard, shoes, safety belts, gloves and fall protections.
  • Scaffolding work should be thoroughly inspected by the competent authority / safety officer prior to start construction work.
Modern scaffolding system has completely been changed and expendable scaffolding are available to do complex job such as tower construction and mega structures. Although these kind of scaffolding is not popular in India because of higher cost and maintenance issue, but some of the special construction activities are require these types of scaffoldings for construction, repair and maintenance works.

Below is the list of Scaffolding manufacturers in India
1. Reliance Scaffolding, New delhi
2. Vijay Tools, Jalandhar, Punjab
3. Wheel Scaffolding India Ltd, Mohali, Punjab
4. Rishi Industries, Jalandhar, India
5. British Scaffolding, New delhi

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