10 Time Management Tips for Students

10 Time Management Tips for Students
Time management is a very important aspect of the student life. The article suggests some tips, which can be helpful for the students in managing their precious time in the best possible way. Read on to learn about this topic!
After entering the college life, the main problem with which the students have to fight throughout, is time management. Being in a college, every student quickly learns that managing his/her time is the most challenging aspect. With a number of things on the “to do list”, there is a strong need to develop time management skills.


1. Note down the important things:

It is the first rule of the thumb to jot down even the smallest thing at one place.It becomes very important to note down the time, which you are planning to devote for studies, and religiously follow that.

2. Using a calendar:

No matter if it is a paper calendar or your mobile phone, make sure that you have a calendar.

3. Take out some time to relax:

Make it a point to devote some time for relaxation and leisure activities. Just because your day begins at 7:30 AM and ends at 11:20 PM does not mean that you cannot take out some time for yourself.


4. Keep trying new systems

With the students going more and more techno savvy, there is more room for things which can help to make notes of the day. If your mobile phone calendar is not big enough, invest in apersonal digital assistant (PDA) or buy a paper diary. In case you have too many things to note down for the entire day, try using color codes. Only a handful of students make use of such time management practices, be one of them and find the most suitable system for you.

5. Be flexible

There are times when you have to face things when you least expect them. Give some room for celebrating special occasion in the lives of people around you. On a funny note, make it a point not to carry your calendar or PDA to note down how you celebrated such occasions.

6. Make plans

Do you have to complete a big research paper by the last week of the trimester or semester? Go back to your calendar and try to figure out that what time you would need to do research and finish it.

7. Have master plans for the most unexpected

Certainly, you are by your calendar and are about to complete all your research work for your semester by the end of last night of the semester, but what if you fall ill the night before your presentation day! Expect the unexpected so that you have the time to fix the mistakes and unplanned issues.

8. Avoid stress

Address the source of stress. If it is a person, sit down with him/her and talk about how you can work better together.

9. Get rid of the frustration

Find someone who can listen and talk it out. Discuss possible solutions.

10. Change your perspective of dealing challenges

Tell yourself that each new situation or problem is challenging, and you need to learn from these. Try to see the good side of the situation.

The TIMED Time Management System

Of late, a concept being followed by a majority of the students globally is the acronym "TIMED,"

T - Task Related?

Question yourself that if the task you are doing is related to your studies? Is it something, which you know that you need to be done? Are you doing something, which does not have any goal or time limit? Once you get answers to these questions, trust me, you can never fall short of your expectations!

I - Interesting?

Is the thing you opt to do is interesting? For instance, if you consider reading some topics, which are not related to your study but are interesting and knowledgeable, who knows, they can be helpful in future!


M - Matter?

Are you aware of the fact that what you are doing matters? For example, if you are reading online something about celebrities’ affairs, these will certainly not help you anyways. The time when you go to bed and think of your accomplishments during the day, you will realize that such reading such topics actually killed your precious time! Think and decide!
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E - Education-related?

Every student fights with such issues for the entire student life. It is important to identify things that can be helpful for your studies.

D - Deadline-driven?

Are the things, which you do, related to a deadline? Do you need to do something within a stipulated time? Do you plan to practice something, which may extend your task deadline? If so, address your deadline in a positive manner and find the best ways to cope with the issues you face while meeting the deadlines!
Time management is a tough task for the students, particularly in the early stages of their college life, once you know how to manage time; you will start tasting success. With so much to learn, having good time management skills is mandatory for your success.

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