Groundbreaking Affirmation Cards for Kids by iGROWco


iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards - Groundbreaking Affirmation Cards for Kids by iGROWco

The benefits of emotional wellbeing among children cannot be overemphasized. Along with helping children to control their thoughts and feelings, emotional wellbeing helps them to face life’s challenges with utmost resilience and courage. Also, it allows children to keep their challenges in perspective and rise above their setbacks to emerge victorious. One of the biggest challenges that modern-day parents face in fostering emotional wellbeing in their kids is the lack of practical resources that are based on positive psychology. The good news is that there’s a reliable resource that helps parents to foster positive thoughts in their kids and eliminate negative thought patterns. iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards are innovative cards that are designed to utilize positive affirmations to inculcate positive thoughts in children and encourage them to turn their inner critic into an empowerment force. These cards are designed based on a unique formula for kids (Affirm –Breathe-Connect), which helps to kickstart kids’ potential. 

The unique formula, Affirm, Breathe, Connect (ABC), simply entails saying out your affirmations with confidence, breathing in while relaxed to experience your emotions fully, and connecting the affirmations to your own life. The iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards allow you and your child to connect the affirmations to your daily lives and share special moments. The cards have been tried and tested at home, in schools and many other platforms; hence they are proven to help your child achieve emotional wellbeing and mental wellness. The cards are built to last, and they’re suitable for toddlers and older children. 

These cards not only help to instill emotional wellbeing in children but also help to increase their self-esteem and resilience. There are millions of kids around the world struggling with mental health issues and low self-esteem. The idea behind these cards is to support your child’s emotional wellbeing, enhance their mental wellness, and improve their self-esteem. With the many uncertainties in the world these days, it’s easy for children to learn self-limiting beliefs in their formative years. iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards seek to break self-limiting beliefs in the early stages of development and help children to thrive in this world, not just survive.  

iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards comprise of 63 cards in captivating designs whereby 7 of them are character cards which introduce the iGROWco sprouts gang—Kai, Asmi, Quinn, Imogen, Cato, Phia, and Bodhi.52 of these cards are affirmations which your child will repeat to themselves to unleash the greatness within. There are also 3 blank cards for your kids to write their own affirmations and 4 instruction cards.  The cards feature captivating illustrations of the 7 sprouts characters, making them even more appealing to kids.

As a parent, you have a responsibility to shape the mental and emotional wellbeing of your children. This lockdown is a perfect time to get these cards and instill confidence in your children and empower them to face life’s challenges with a positive mindset. iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards not only provide deep meaning but have a life-changing impact on children. 

Invest in Your Child’s Emotional Wellbeing

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