Scope of Civil Engineering


Today we will talk about the scope of civil engineering as it is an important question in current scenario. It is true that no one likes to spend 4 years for engineering and afterwards remain unemployed. Before we talk about the future scope of Civil engineering I would like to share interesting data about college pass outs;

  • 11% Civil Engineer Opt higher education after completion of BE/BTech like MBA, ME, Mtech and MS.
  • 7% Students get selected every year in campus placements.
  • 3% Student prefer study for IES and Govt Job
  • 1% Student selected for Govt Job
  • 1% Student starts own business/Family business

So remaining 76 percent student will have to go out and search job or remain unemployed. It is a huge figure and not pleasing as far as concern of the scope of civil engineering, isn't it ?

Don’t panic ! Let me explain step-by-step.
Civil engineering is one of the oldest branch which has many different areas to work from home building construction to highway; therefore huge scope for civil engineering graduates to work in many different sectors such as design, planning, construction and execution. It also includes many works such as road, building, bridge, runways, dam, power generation,  waste water treatment, sewer line, water supply, offices, industries and many more.

If we talk about the future scope of civil engineering in India then we can see construction, power and energy sector have been growing with rapid pace and there will be huge demand of Civil engineers. So you can relax and if you come under category of 76 percent then you can feel a sigh of relief. It is because civil engineering is the only field  which has less unemployment than other Engineering branches. Moreover I will explain below which field in Civil engineering you choose to get maximum benefits and salary packages.

Designing - Scope of Civil Engineering

One of the premier job category in Civil engineering if you start your career as a designer. You must have good academics records and hands on experience in designing to grab a job in any top construction or designing firm. However initial salary may not be good enough but after a year or two you may earn around 5 lakhs per annum.
In Proficiency of the following civil Engineering software will be helpful to get a job as a Designer.
  • Staad Pro
  • AutoCAD
  • TopoCAD
  • SurvCAD
  • 3D structural Modeling Software
  • AutoTurn
Get complete list of must-learn Civil Engineering software here

Planning -  Scope of Civil Engineering

If you consider yourself better planner then choose career in Planning or project management which you might have learnt during your study. Although only big companies and construction department can afford a Planning engineer.  It is rather a good job choice as you can manage to work from office iteself and additionally can get moderate salary up to 4 to 5 lakhs initially in any big construction company like Tata, Sharooji Pallonji, L&T etc.
To acquire planning knowledge and project management I will recommend you to get expertise in following software before attending any interview.
  • Primavera
  • MS Project

Construction -  Scope of Civil Engineering

Getting a job as construction engineer/Project manger is an easy as compared to designer. There are large numbers of opportunities available in many construction area like industrial, residential, road construction etc. A construction engineer is responsible for execution of project and there are many different level to achieve and you may reach up to Project manger level at site level. 
Moreover you don’t require any special training or program to work as construction engineer but it is considered a tough job in its category.

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Don't be disheartened if you do not get a job initially. Just wait for right opportunity as future scope of civil engineering in India is bright.  Always prefer the job category which suits you most otherwise you will not be able to perform well.

If you have any question regarding scope of Civil engineering or career in Civil Engineering then please ask below in comment section.


  1. Hello sir,
    I want your advice regarding choosing civil as an best career option or architecture?
    do they both have same scope?

    1. Hi Twinkle,

      Career Point-of-view civil engineering has more options than Architecture.

      Civil Engineering is vast field - design, hydrology, sewer, bldg construction, road, highway, steel, rcc, estimation, planning and many more.

      But Arch. has only design and drafting.

  2. myself Raj
    m doin B.E. I want to b designer n earn big salary..i know auto cad well..pls suggest me ryt decision

    1. Start working on design. Learn few software and keep yourself ready for big designing world.

  3. helo Mr.Rajaditya sir, u hve given a gud info about civil engg, which 'll be useful for the freshers n moreover sir i need sum advise from u regarding my career.I have completed my B.E (civil) in 2011 & then i worked for a private contracting firm for a year & during that working period i felt frustrated due to less salary n for not having much exposure in construction.So i decided to pursue PG & took admission for MBA (project & construction mgmt) at MIT, Pune in 2012.i had learnt good enough about various subjects of construction mgmt including MSP & PRIMAVERA during my 1st year.Now im in 2nd year & currently working as an Intern for Simplex Infra in an high rise project.So my concern is i had still not decided about which dept should i do my career after completing my MBA.Should i go for Planning or Execution?? Im interested in both the fields.Down the line, to become a construction/project manager or for getting faster promotions which area would be better working for?? Please advise, thank you!

    1. Hi Naveen,
      To be very frank, India is not right country to do whatever we want, we have to work whatever we are being offered. Therefore create an opportunity by yourself while working with them, there is no choice oriented jobs are available unless we are gem.
      I think you are moving in right direction. You just try to get a job in big construction company and show your willingness for planning/designing or whatever.
      Please find below few important tips which may help you;
      1. Try to get a job in Big Company - whatever profile.
      2. Try everything to impress management and show your skills & knowledge.
      3. Ask them to offer you some types of job in which you are an expert or you wanted to do – Planning, designing and execution.
      4. Build your profile versatile, it will be helpful to get a job in future.
      5. If you able to work with 2-3 big companies in starting of your career. Frankly, you have done have bright future.
      6. If above not work, then start it again with new company.

  4. Hi sir,
    I have completed B.E Civil Engineering(2013 pass out).
    Can you suggest me the best way to search for a site\deign engineer job.I know AUTO CADD, RIVET ,STAAD PRO.I have not faced a interview yet.i have registered in naukri, monster timesjobs....
    yet nothing so far... only consultancy services

    1. Either search through job portal or attend walk-ins in metro cities.


    have a look at this article sir. a civil engineer turned into a chain snatcher in mumbai... ur thoughts?

    1. Really sad but true.

      Difficult time for all of us, but civil engineers have an edge over IT Engineers. As they can work anywhere- whether it is a small construction site or big projects. Moreover qty of civil engineers are almost 1/5 than IT Engineers

  6. hi sir
    am doing civil engineering 4th course will be completed in march .after that what should i do? i want to study interior designing .but is it degee course right? what can i do after completing the civil engineering?

    1. Decide yourself. But try to get a job as soon as possible because time is not right for technical ppl.

  7. hi raj,
    I have completed my b-tech in civil engineering, and i want to pursue my masters(M.Sc) in usa..? can i get a job there after completion of my degree easily... Is there a demand for civil engineers in u.s. to freshers.

    1. Ya there is great chance to get a job in USA if you pursue Masters from America's top universities. You may get an offer of professional field such as research, teaching or construction company.

  8. hi there raj
    i'm doing my final year in civil engineering and i'm not sure what area of interest i would if u can give suggestions on what options i can take except for designing.
    thank you for your time.

    1. 3 core sector in civil engineering - Project management, construction and design.

      Apart from it - Try Facility management - Especially for hospitality, hotel and corporate offices. sometimes it pays higher salary if you get selected for top group.

  9. I am dong B.arch.......but latr i cme to know dat civil has more oppertunits can i do diplomo..n civil correspondence s...s it right choice!?

    1. Correspondence civil engg course is not good for a freshers as it will not offer them equal opportunity like other graduate students.

      Correspondence Engg is only useful if you are already in same profession for last couple of years and want education to upgrade yourself.

    2. Dear Rajaditya,

      Sir, I m only a degree holder, now working with Isolux Corsan in Project Management of transmission line projects... I m having 1.3years of experience... can i move to any other construction division like building/highways etc in future.... pls suggest...

  10. At present, numerous industries are looking forward to hire computer engineers to offer them different job opportunities.Cimt is one of the top engineering colleges in india .

  11. sir..
    i have done my b.e in civil engineering from d.c.e delhi this year.
    unfortunately i didn't get job from campus.
    right now am middle of no where.applied in some companies and waiting for result
    sir wat would be the best career option after should i go for gate and psu..or prepare for ies or go for ms in abroad.
    am not that gud in technical to be clear but not not bad either.have general knowledge about 63% aggregate..
    i am planning to get job as soon as i can and then after 1 year i want to go for ms...
    but am not sure for which course i should go..
    in pure technical we have structural.geotech and all.
    and another is project management
    i can do any course with ease if take it on.
    so plz suggest me a gud option so that my time would not be wasted..

    1. Hi,

      Jagrit it depends on you, what you want to do.

      If you are not getting a job, dont lose hope but utilize the time. Either you can go for higher education or get a construction job which is easily available. Moreover you can gain some additional qualification while working such as part time MBA, designing related course or ME (If possible).

      Last, just concentrate on one thing at a time.

  12. sir i am a 2nd year student, pursuing from IIT. sir plz tell me what is the scope of doing MS in civil engg from foreign university? i am confused in choosing MS or should i start preparation for IES exam. the placement here is not good for civil engineers. plz tell me what should i do? currently i am doing a project under a prof. i want to work for a core construction companies as shown in discovery channels. And secondly plz tell me sir how to get a internship in summer holidays. i mean what is the procedure, how to start, whom to approach, how to approach, what kind of mail should be sent and most importantly what is the right time to start all these stuffs?? i have no contact in any civil company. plz suggest me some companies. sir plz help me , i am really very confused....

    1. Don’t think too much. Just calm and relax. You are in IInd year and it is not right time to think too many things. Do it, one by one. If you are interested in Govt job then keep yourself ready for exam same as you are doing for engineering.
      Try to be cool and calm without worrying about future as no one knows about it. Make sure you are focused to achieve what you set and concentrate on single task at a time unless you complete it.

      For Internship, Govt depts are better. Approach them directly or sending an application, surely they will not deny.

      Best of luck

  13. I am doing diploma in civil engineering ? after that i want to join NIT in civil engineering ? ( dont have 12th)

  14. HI, sir
    This is amarjeet from bangalore. I completed my B.E. from civil in 2013 and working in sovereign developers & infrastructure from last 4 months as a Jr. Quantity Surveyor. Actually i want to be best in planning and management in construction. And Want to learn little knowledge about design from interest point of view.
    So could you please suggest me the best software for the required knowledge.

  15. Im a highschool student who is worried about what to study in the future. BE civil requires a higher entry grades than BEtech civil. I was wondering why does BE require higher grades? and what is the salary difference between them? and do both BE and BETech graduates be entitled to managing roles?

  16. hie sir..
    em done my diploma but didn't get desired job !! em tried in many companies ! but waha pr bina approach ke selection he nai hota !! knowledge ha marks ha ! bt fir bhi ghr betha hu!! 2 months site pe kam keya ! bt frustrate ho gaya due to low very low salary or day night work :(
    what to do ! i tgt i should be change my proffesion

    1. Just stick around. Gain some professional qualification and experience.

      Hopefully you will get rid of site job soon.

  17. sir in civil branch which are top companies in india is the come in off campus

  18. I have completed my B.E.Civil From a well grade college of Mumbai University.I got placed in a firm through college placement unit.But I M not satisfied by the work given to me.So i decided to discontinue it after i will get job in other firm.I'm a female candidate,stays in Mumbai.So please suggest me the suitable scope of work(Designing orPlanning) in Mumbai and suburbs.Is it suitable for me to give any gov exam.Kindly sugest.

  19. hi sir,
    i'm studying 2nd year as a civil engineer..i want to get job in other can i achieve that stage ? which course suits me?& what are the reuirements?is there any experience needed?

  20. sir,i'm studying 2nd year....i want to get job in abroad?which course suits me?what are the requirements needed? is there any experience needed?

  21. Sir, I am civil engineer by profession a 2009 pass out and is working in a design firm ( not any big one ) as a civil design engineerand they give a salary of 2.0 lac p.a . I didnt change my job, in these 3 yrs which was stupid of me, bt i thought ,staying here for more time will help me in learning better and then i can switch over, but it was not like that., and it was a vicious circle dt i entered and got frustrated felt nothing is going to happen to my career. bt now i desperately need to change my situation . If i try for different companies, my salary hike, will it be really good enough?since the market right now is so terrible. secondly , i have an interest in construction management / project planning since my B-tech days,so was thinking of doing some mba or ms in this field, to open my prospects, and to be frank i am not much interested in pursuing ms in design, instead i have got more interests in planning and also i used to like highway engineering.and there is another option to go abroad and do MS or MBA, and the matter is i am going to come back not stay there forever, because i am not interested in settling abroad at all, it is just that since my career didnt start off well, i am thinking of doing that. can you please suggest me , what i need to do? shall i go for jobs? will i get a package of 5 L pa ? ( 3 yrs experience bt my salary package i mentioned above is 2 L pa right now ) . or shall i do a distance course ( post grad in constructon / project management ) ? is a distance course any help to increase my salary atleast to a decent level of 40 thousand a month dt my frnds are earning? or shall i go off to USA for MS / MBA tor higher degree ( i have to come back within 4 yrs no interested in settling over there at all ) ? and if i decide to go abroad, what shd be my choice, MS or an MBA in project management? please help

  22. sir, I had completed civil engg in 2013, I am doing job in designing company ,I want to study MS in us ,suggest me which course in civil branch offered more jobs in usa

  23. sir, I had completed civil engg in 2013, I am doing job in designing company ,I want to study MS in us ,suggest me which course in civil branch offered more jobs in usa

  24. I am doing my civil engineering third year from calicut university. Please suggest me the formalities to do MS or ME from foreign universities. There is no campus selection in our college. So please advise me the scope of civil engineers in India and abroad. Will there be any problems in getting a job in India immediatel?

  25. Hi raj,

    I have completed my BE in civil engineering! Currently itz a zero percent recruitment here in bangalore. I am bit worried about it! What I thot was in the mean period instead of wasting time I would learn some sofwares such as Autocad 2d, revit architecture, 3ds max n primavera asper increasing my knowledge! What would u suggest about the above softwares! Will I gain enough knowledge learning it!? N also I am planning to do my Ms in canada I.e construction management! It would be really helpful if u reply fa my quarie! Because I am totally confused! Thank you!

    1. Probably there is no great scenario for job aspirant’s right now therefore they should try to keep them up-to-date for future opportunities. Better to learn few advance version of software which will help them like MS project, Autocad, primavera.

      In your case I would recommend you to do MS from any foreign university but be careful while choosing any university. Check the track record of college/institute as it matters a lot

  26. Hi Raj,
    I am working in a design company for 4 years now, aftr passing out in 2009.i entered the company as graduate engineer trainee and now working as assistant design engineer, i am 26 year old now, and my salary is just 16 thousand, the matter is till date i was not much career oriented and was happy and having fun with whatever amount i get, but now it is high time for me to actually decide upon the next step.i was always interested in project management and wanted to pursue it, shall i go for part time long distant one? will it help in increasing my salary? or shall i prepare for a year and then get into the colleges offering construction management or project management next year? next year means i will be 28 yr old in 2015 and will have a so called job experience of 5-6 years.while i pass out i will be 30 year old. will my experience in civil design and my age come as barrier in getting jobs? after the course? what shall i do? i am pretty frustrated with no job offers around and i am not sure of my knowledge and ability in designing field, since our office have very little work please help

  27. sir, i m a civil engg doing job in torrent power and want to pursue MBA which branch should i opt in MBA?

  28. Hi sir,
    i've done by in civil engineering in nit college. i've cracked gre and toefl and i am planning for higher studies in usa but i am confused about doing my ms in civil as a project manager because i've heard that construction industry is not so good now. Please tell me what to do.

  29. Why don't you try design related subject. You may get a office job and can open own consulting business or firm.

  30. hi sir,
    i am currently in fourth year of my engg and i am planning to do M.Tech in Manipal University at Manipal in structural field.what is the scope for the chosen field in the current scenario?

  31. I want to pursue an MS after my BTech civil engg. What are my salary and career prospects if I choose to return to India after 5 years work experience? Please give me your suggestions on this.

  32. hi sir
    i completed my in bapatla engineering college and i have only 60percet how much salary can i expect if i join in nicmar

  33. Hi
    I completed my btech civil in 2012 and then I worked at site in small construction company for about 18 months..last week I quit the job as I was frustrated with the unorganised work culture , unpleasant working environment there...
    I now need the guidance to switch my profile from site work to office job...I am well aware of softwares like autocad and primavera..
    Or companies like L&T , punj Lloyd , GMR etc has same working environment ?? Should I work in small company for some years and with the gain of experience try for these bigger brands??
    Or going for ME civil Engineering from Australia and settle there is a good option?? What's the scope there for civil engineers ??

  34. Hello sir
    Im Ved from new delhi and presently m in 3rd year.... i want to start my own bussiness in civil.engg.... in the field of designg n plannig both... what knowledge and tthings i required to start my bussiness... and how can i reach n get my clients n cuatomers... pleadr guide me at your best... ill be thankful to you

  35. hi sir,
    i complited my b-tech as a civil engg in 2012 i worked as a site engineer for 1 and half year am willing to do masters in abrod which state is the best to do ms and which perticual field that can give me a good job immideatly after complition of my ms can u suggest me please sir am in confused state please give me ur valuble suggestion sir....

  36. Sir I am doing civil btech in IIT Roorkee. After 4 yr should I opt for MBA or civil job. Which is more earning