Vastu perception while Constructing House

We are familiar with Vastu term, whether people are constructing house or buying flat for them, they often talks about it. It is because human creatures always aspiring for having sound health, wealth and high reputation in society. Therefore, needs of a house and in order to avoid troubles, We always hope to construct house or buy home where we gets all sorts of happiness and give us trouble free living.
We do agree that Vastu exist as it favours to nature and itself an ancient Indian science that work on the principle of 5 most important elements of universe such as Earth, Fire, water, Space and Air. It is combination of all 5 elements in such a way that it gives favourable results to its residents.
Following basic aspect of Vastu should be taken care while buying of constructing house;


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 1. East Wall height should be smaller than house, as greater height wall avoids prosperity.
2. Tree shadow should never fall on the house; it leads to adverse impact on life or financial loss.
3. Building entrance should always be larger than other rooms inside the building.
4. North and east direction should remain open and west and south direction should be closed.


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East side considered to be most favourable as far as concern of entrance to house. North also considered second choice but outside wall should not be constructed front of the Door.


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Kitchen is one of the prime construction and better place considered to be south-east corner of the building. But sometimes due to location constrain it can be built towards west direction.
In kitchen cooking stove should be located in south-east and person should face east direction while cooking.


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South-west side considered to be best choice for Bedroom. The ceiling height of bedroom should be kept level as it circulates uniform energy, where person used to spend most of the time of their life.

Toilet / Bathroom

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Bathroom should be well connected to other room of the building and ideal location of bathroom/toilet is south-west of the building. There should not common wall for toilet and kitchen.

Dinning Room

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Dinning room should be well attached to kitchen and on same floor. Dinning room table either in square or rectangular shape and Dinning room door should not face main door.

Study Room

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In Vastu there is important to construct study room in right direction as it helps creatures to get positive impacts of direction. Ideally, north, west or north-west direction considers suitable for study room.


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Same as entrance, balcony should face either north or east direction.

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