Prefer paving blocks for your driveway


We have seen paver blocks at many of the location such as jogging track, drive way, path way, swimming pool, petrol pump and dock yards etc. Paver blocks can be made in any design and shape therefore it is widely being used in modern construction to enhance appearance as well as durability to surface. It gives attractive finish and provides stability as they are water resistant and long life compare to other ordinary PCC and cement tiles.

There are two types of paver blocks and choices are clay and concrete blocks. However there are several discussions on using concrete or clay paver blocks in consequence many advantage and disadvantage as follows;
  1. Concrete paver blocks come in various shape and there are few choice in clay blocks.
  2. Clay paver blocks are more abrasive resistance and long life compare to concrete paver blocks, which will last for 10 years.
  3. Over period of time, concrete block tends to expose aggregate and clay block life will last longer.
  4. Concrete blocks are rather cheaper than clay and easily can cut and use. Other side, clay block does have good texture quality and colour does not fade.
  5. Concrete blocks are preferred in heavy traffic as these are more flexible compares them to clay which tends to break under the pressure.

Choosing your favourite paving block shape

Paving blocks comes in many shape and they have ability to withstand in dynamic and static load if laid properly on firm base. Paver blocks comes in various thickness from 40 mm to 120 mm,  generally for domestic use 40 mm to 60 mm are sufficient for parking of light weight vehicles. 120 mm paver block with firm PCC base using where trucks traffic to be driven with restriction of 30 to 40 MPH.
Paving blocks come in many shape such as hexagonal, rectangular, tumble and I-shape. But it is recommended using that shape which can easily be replaced and repaired.

Choose your favourite Paving block colour

Now days paving block are available in various colour of your choice and you can use any pattern and design to give them pleasant look. You can choose colour pattern with house and lay them in proper pattern to gel them with your house colour.

Installation Procedures

Advantage of installing paver blocks are rather easy and same solid poured concrete sub base preparation can be applied.
Prepare the sub-base by watering after ramming the surface properly and minimum layer of 50 mm of sand should be used before installing the block to provide flexibility to surface. However for heavier traffic always recommended using PCC base before spreading sand layer.
Laying of paver blocks can be done easily and more skill required whereas various designing pattern to be installed in blocks. Sometimes, along with drive way kerb stone shall be provided to define the boundary of way and additionally it gives edge protection to blocks.

Advantage of paver blocks

Paver blocks are cheaper than poured cement concrete and more environment friendly than solid poured concrete surface. Blocks allow water to drain by seeping through its joints which is keeping open for water escape.  It is more durable and broken piece can easily be replaced even by unskillful person.



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