Selecting Right window curtains for your dream home

Homeowners choose curtain to decorate their dream home but sometimes they just give it least preference and randomly select curtain for door and window.  They must understand curtain requirement and choose right sort of curtain for each room instead of randomly selecting single type of curtain for entire house. Not only curtains protect entering direct sunlight but similarly useful to allow light in the room. Window curtain must gel with the room interior and give maximum benefit to their occupant. It enhances home interior and restrict direct sunlight entering into the house.

Living Room

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Living room is ideal location to do your best possible experiment and choose vivid colour suits room design. You can select shear drape curtain which allow maximum lighting in day and heating up your home during winter.
Curtains for south facing window can be dark, bright and intense colour but avoid fancy laces curtain to restrict direct sunlight.


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Practically you can select any type of colour suits your interior, but for privacy purpose avoid shear drape curtain theme. It is recommended to use thick and dark material curtain for window since most of shear drape allow curtain see through from outside. They can be bright in colour but avoid silk and cotton material which gets fade away easily over period of time.


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It is recommended avoid hanging up any type of the cloth fabric curtain for bathroom windows as it easily will get soaked. You can use vinyl or nylon curtain for showers and vertical blinds for windows since they are water repellent.


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In kitchen you can use different type of curtains for window but avoid curtains hanging up to the floor level. You should prefer vertical blinds for kitchen window and hang them away from any electrical apparatus or gas stove.

Children’s room

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You can select any kind of colourful and cartoon character printed curtains for your children’s bedroom as per your choice. It is not suitable to use luxurious and expensive fabric curtain for kid’s bedroom as it tends to get affected by dust and stain more often.

You always want to give your room unique look rather than looking for traditional curtain. Henceforth,  try something unusual or give them personalize look by printing your own family pictures.  It is recommend to get done detail measurement of window prior to purchasing them from store or online.  

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  1. A bedroom you will want to block out most of the light, unless you want some very early wake up calls. Heavy lined curtains will not only block the early morning sun, but they will also reduce noise and help keep the warmth in.



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