10 Must have home repair Tools for homeowners

Are you fed up with the small problems often you face in your house premises? It may be the issue of broken tiles or filling the gap of wall plaster. You are totally depended on the outside agencies to repair and rectify them. You might have been victim many times when you paid higher cost to agencies than they really deserved. You have to pay them for small things because you cannot execute them itself without having appropriate tools.

It is an issue with every homeowner and they easily can avoid these expenses just by repair the things at home. It is not mastering or any art to carry out the repairing work whether constructing a small wall for plant or filling the gap of floor tiles. Below list of few important engineering tools definitely help you to perform new or repair job in your house premises.

Measuring Tape

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You must have at least 2 sets of measuring tap, 5 meters and 15 meters for small and long measurement respectively. It is useful for measuring length and width of any object. It is recommended to buy steel tape for long life and accurate results.

Spirit Level
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One more important tool recommended for homeowners to find out the level of two surfaces, which can be judged by bubble movement.

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It is multi-purpose tool used for many activities such as mixing the mortar, filling the gap of bricks, repair of plastering work and constructing brick wall.

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Brush is painting tools, but it is also useful for cleaning the surface and finishing work. Even you can use brush to clean dust settled on the skirting lines, which may not get dirt free even by vacuum cleaner.

Hammer and chisel
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Whether you are fixing photo frame or nailing, hammer is important tool. It combine with chisel definitely let you dismantle floor and removal of unwanted solid concrete material.

Tile Cutter
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It is quite handy tool used for tile and wall plaster cutting. You can cut plaster surface and easily can install electrical pipe or cable tray same as useful to cut tile and fix them as per requirements.

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It is most common gardening tool but handy for mixing mortar and filling the sand or mortar in pan.

Drill Machine
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Drill machine definitely give you more relief specially driving nails in rock hard concrete for fixing painting or picture.

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It is made of iron, fiber or wooden which help to judge right angle of any surface. It is rather useful to set out a right angle corner for window and door opening at the time of carry out plastering work.

Plumb Bob

Tool help you to check straightness of any object. Whether you are fitting pipe or fixing door frame, it will assist you to fix them as straight as possible.

Please leave your comments below if I have missed out any important repair tool for home owners.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing great tool list. I would add "PAN", Which is considered to be good as far as concern of mixing the mortar for repairing and transportation purpose.

  2. I appreciate the effort to share the basic need in home repair. I like reading your stuffs like this. Looking forward for some basic guide in repairing. Thanks



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