Why control and relay panel is important for substation

Control and Relay panel is most important equipment of the substation as it work as shield guard for all substation equipments and electrical network. Moreover, these panels are useful to control the flow of electricity as per the Voltage class and detect the faults in transmission lines.

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Designing and manufacturing of Control and Relay panel depend on the requirement of utilities and these can broadly be classified as follows;

-         Line Protection

-         Transformer Protection

-         Bus Bar Protection

-         Tie Breaker

-         Bus Coupler

-         Reactor

In this panel, varieties of numerical & electromechanical relays are installed to provide damage protection to equipments. Meters, Semaphore indicators, Control Switches, Indicating lamps, Push Buttons, Annunciator, Test Blocks and Test Plugs are among of major equipments installed as per designing requirements.

The Control & relay panels are designed & manufactured as per voltage class of substations like 11KV, 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV and 400KV etc. However DC voltage or supply voltage may differ according to the panel requirement such as 30V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC etc. Use of Control & relay panel is not only limited in Substations owned and operated by electrical utilities, but also essential in industrial and commercial sector where power consumption is very high.

Modern Control & Relay panels are widely being manufactured as per international standards and strictly following IEC -61850 communication protocol, which is well compatible to SCADA application.

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There are major two types of control panels are being manufactured for substations;

-         Simplex type

-         Duplex type

In simplex type panel, all control and relay instruments are equipped/mounted in the same panel. On the other hand, control & relay unit fitted separately in duplex type, wherein relay installed in relay section and other equipments like Meters, Switches, Semaphores, Annunciator, indicating lamps and Push Buttons in control section.

Furthermore, design of Panel can be categorized in two types as per customer requirements and location feasibility ;

-         Corridor type

-         Rack mounting type

Panel is made of CRCA sheet having thickness from 2mm to 3mm. Rack mounting type panel is design with front glass door and corridor type is simple panel which do not have front glass door.


  1. The Management & communicate sections are developed & produced as per current type of substations like 11KV, 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV and 400KV etc. However DC current or provide current may vary according to the board need such as 30V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC etc.



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