Great way to cure concrete using concrete curing compound


You always want to give your building smooth and crack free surface and this is possible if you properly cure the concrete surface after pouring the concrete. We all know, concrete undergo hydration process and this process requires sufficient amount of water. Therefore, maintain the supply of water during the hydration process of concrete until it gets cured properly.
Manual or conventional water curing is easy process but it may cost you more if labor charges are high in your area. Instead, you can use concrete curing compound which is liquid plastic and can apply just after pouring the concrete. It will seal the moisture into the concrete until it gets cured. Also, concrete curing compound offers non-porous surface which prevents from entering water in the surface which help direct penetration of water and chemical cause’s reinforcement corrosion.
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Application of curing compound

  • Apply curing mix on the concrete surface as soon as concrete gains some strength and water of surface gets disappeared.

  • Apply 2 to 3 coats of concrete curing compound with the help of brush or roller. It is advisable to read the product manufacturer instruction to achieve the desirable results.

  • Ideally, concrete should not be poured if temperature is above 35 degree or less than 14 degree Celsius. Also, avoid concreting in high wind condition; it may develop small hair cracks all across the surface.

  • Concrete should be sealed as soon as it is get hardened; delay in process causes water to evaporate.

  • After applying of curing compound it is recommended to wrap the surface area with plastic sheets / vapor barrier to prevent water losses.

  • Deploy skilled manpower to spread the curing compounds because any space left in surface coating may allow water to disappear from the surface.

  • Prevent the traffic movement on the surface at least for 7 days until it gets cured properly.

Advantages of concrete curing compound

    • It helps to prevent surface concrete cracking which often appear due to improper hydration process of concrete.

    • Curing compounds help water to retain in the concrete which increase the strength and abrasion resistance of concrete.

    • It helps to decrease the construction cost whereas water cost is high. Although, it offer homeowners great comfort to avoid conventional curing system.

    • It is useful for high rise building and mass concrete structure work as practically conventional curing systems are not feasible in these job sites.

    • Generally it is a cost-effective method for large scale construction projects, whereas conventional curing systems are not feasible due to high labour cost.
    Curing the concrete using curing compound is appropriate methods to cure the large construction, individual homes and industrial sites.

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