Concertina Coil Installation and Specifications

Concertina Coil, Punched tape concertina coil, concertina wire or concertina razor barded tape is one of the best and reliable wire fencing for security purpose which is made of HTGS and Hot dipped galvanized sheet. It is useful for all those locations where high security and unauthorized entry is restricted such as Airport, defence, border security and industries. It is purposefully provided above the wall thus if a person attempt to pass through will injure or cannot cross over. Generally concertina coil attached to sharp razor is provided above the wall or supported with horizontal wires, at least 2.5 meter above the existing ground level (except at some of the locations) to make it difficult for a person or animal to cross over easily.

concertina coil

Concertina coil specification

Size (Diameter): 450 mm to 1050 mm (can be made as per the requirement – check with the manufacturer’s concertina coil specification)
Punched Tape concertina coils length: Around 8 to 10 running meter
Material: Hot dip GI Wire (spring core)
Thickness of Taped punch (Razor): 50 mm – it may vary with manufacturer specification

How to install a concertina coil

  1. First check the concertina coil material and ensure no rust and damage. Also carefully check the quality of razor barded tape and make sure there is no cut, bend or twist.
  2. Generally concertina coil wires are made of high tensile strength therefore It should not be cut with help of pliers.
  3. Straight wire should be clamped to support provided on the wall where concertina coil to be laid.
  4. Straight wire needs to be tighten and clamped properly with the support.
  5. Concertina coil needs to be fixed properly on the support and ensure proper alignment. However concertina coil should not be clamped loose otherwise it will hang at some of the locations due to self weight.
  6. Fencing Coil support span should not be more than 5 meters.
  7. Trained and skill manpower should be deployed for job and should be worn proper PPE – helmet, safety shoes, cut resistance hand gloves and safety glasses.
  8. Concertina coil can be installed manually therefore quality supervision is needed to avoid any loop hole in security.
  9. Concertina coil wire should be made as per Specifications for Galvanized steel barbed wire for fencing. - IS: 278 –1978

Concertina coil manufacturers in India

  1. Sumit Enterprises, New Delhi
  2. Bharti Enterprises, Mumbai
  3. Ever shine Wire products, Coimbatore
  4. HV communication Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
  5. International wire netting Industries, Mumbai
Above information for concertina wire will be useful for your business needs. Always use good quality concertina wire and work should be carried out under quality supervision. The concertina coil or punched tape concertina coil is a long life product if execution and fixing are done as per IS standards.

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