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In this article we will talk about the mechanical engineering salary in government and private sector but before proceeding further let me highlight the importance of mechanical engineers in our society.
In this modern world we can’t imagine the world without machines. It is an integral part of our life and reasonable growth is almost impossible without the help of machines. Infrastructure and development of any country is a key to success but we should not forget the contribution of Man, Machine and Material. However material can be produced with help of machine but Man is a most important part who produced both machine and material. In this context we should not overlook the contribution of mechanical engineer in this process, ultimately he is the key part of technology who produce the machine result material can be made.

mechanical engineer salary

Indian economy has been booming and all sectors are registering their presence in this growth but manufacturing industries are still dominating and getting maximum advantage of this growth. Therefore, this sector will offer millions of jobs in coming year to cater the demand of largest Indian market.
Let’s come to the point; if you are a mechanical engineer then you will have thousands of sectors to choose from automobile industry to pharmaceuticals. Also mechanical engineer’s future is equally bright as long as growth continues like last couple of years.
Due to higher demand of engineers, mechanical Engineering salary will definitely increase as this branch will serve to the most profitable manufacturing sector. I have posted below few of the important facts and stats to derive mechanical engineering salary.

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Mechanical Engineering salary in India - Private sector

As I mentioned before getting a higher salary in private sector is easy rather than government sector as salary compensation will depend on degree and college where you studied. Let me elaborate; a mechanical engineer passed from IIT or NIT will get higher salary than other engineering college passed graduate.
Most of the companies prefer campus selection of engineers as they will train candidate as per their manufacturing needs. However campus placement is the best option for students to get selected in big companies initially rather going out and searching for job.
A fresher mechanical engineer graduate can join private sector as a trainee or an engineer. He/she will get a salary in private sector as per following criteria.
  • Diploma Mechanical Engineer – 10000 to 15000 per month
  • BE/Btech Mechanical Engineer – 15000 to 28000 per Month
  • IIT Mechanical Engineer – 32000 to 60000 per Month
Following are the major sectors which offer highest salary to mechanical engineers in Private sector;

Mechanical engineering Salary in India - Government sector

Government sector have never been so much lucrative for engineering professional as far as salary packages are concerned. Other flaw is that government salary is almost fixed for every individual whether you did graduation from IIT or any regional college.
Mechanical engineering salary ranges from 12000 to 20000 per month in government sector initially and they can join as a junior engineer or assistant engineer. Moreover getting selected for Indian Engineering services (IES) will offer you almost double salary per month which is a premier category in engineering field for government job.
The following are the major government sector offering highest salary to mechanical engineers;
  • Public sector undertaking (PSU) – ONGC, Indian Oil Corporation
  • Government Power and energy organizations
  • Indian defense services or military Engineering services
  • Indian Railways / Metro rail
  • State government – Engineering division
I hope information provided above may be useful to understand the present scenario of industries and government sectors with respect to mechanical engineering salary and packages. If you have any question, please ask below in comment section.


  1. Sir i am a mechanical engineer(fresher). I got a job in a pharmaceutical company.Is that good for a fresher?



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