Dual Degree engineering Programs: A Growing Trend with Excellent Scope

Dual degree programs seem to be much more in demand among students in engineering, management or other fields of study. Dual engineering programs offer excellent scope in today’s competitive job market. The following post talks about the increasing popularity of dual degree engineering programs.

Dual degrees are the popular options among students who want to take benefits of cost, time, and varied career prospects. Such courses enable the students to find career in either of the two fields of study.


What are dual engineering programs?

Dual engineering courses can be defined as the tailored courses that allow the students to gain knowledge in more than a field and gain competitive advantages in the job market. Such a concept was first started by VIT, Vellore.For instance, an engineering student pursuing a 5-year dual specialization program will study two different branches at a time and get two certificates on successful completion of the course. Some of the popular dual degrees offered by the top engineering colleges in India include:
· B. Tech. & M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
· B. Tech. & M. Tech. in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
· B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering & M. Tech. in Process Design and Engineering
Usually, a dual degree course is a 5-year program. However, there can be exceptions where such courses can last for only 4 years, while other programs can be of a much longer duration.

Growing Demand for Dual Degrees

To meet the growing demand and popularity of dual specialization engineering courses, most of the reputed technical institutions and colleges are offering such degrees in different fields. IITs are the top most examples of such prestigious engineering institutions that promote dual degree courses in India.
IIT Delhi, one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi, is a preferred option among engineering students when it comes to pursue a dual degree course. IIT Delhi offers popular dual degrees like B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering & M. Tech. in Communication and Information Technology. The other reputed engineering colleges in India, like Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa) also offer well-recognized dual degree courses.

Dual Degree advantage- Earn degree from abroad and India

The importance given to foreign degrees in the Indian job market has significantly encouraged various reputed institutions in India to enter into partnerships with some of the top ranking international technical institutions and universities. This allows Indian students to earn their desired dual degrees from abroad as well as India.

Get the cost and time benefit

Pursuing dual degrees from reputed institutes not only allows you to save in terms of time, but also money. Dual degrees are well-designed courses that enable the students to gain knowledge in the two major fields at the same time in a limited cost. The accelerated learning acts as a lucrative way to find various avenues for a promising career.
Though dual degrees offer various advantages, it also includes some challenges to stay motivated to two different specializations at the same time. To study dual engineering courses, an aspiring student should remain more focused to follow a proper planning and coordination to perform well in the two fields.
So, get ready to pursue a dual degree program from any one of the top engineering colleges and diversify your career opportunities!

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