Scope of Engineering: Sneaking into the Dubai Job Market

Dubai has a growing economy and is one of the most favored destinations to work in. The working condition, growing opportunities and a better economic scenario than the world, Dubai has a positive graph in almost every sector. Let us see what Dubai has to offer when it comes to engineering sector.


Engineering has always been an in demand field and a lot of students look forward to make a career in this field. Engineering is one of the most creative fields where application and logic is required. Engineers are required in every department of an organization. Depending upon the specialization there are different types of engineering and each type has its own demand.
Dubai has a booming economy and is expected to grow at the same rate in the coming future. The first quarter of 2014 saw a significant rise and the experts predict the same for the remaining three quarters. With better economy come a better job market and more opportunities.
Going forward let us understand the economy and job market of Dubai in detail and what are the various options available for engineers in the growing market.

The Positive Job Market of Dubai

Dubai has been looking for engineers to work in the emirate whether a citizen or not.  The emirate demands highly skilled and educated engineers to work for them. For the UAE, Dubai is the major growth driver and is often referred as to the ‘City of Gold’. The scenario is such that every month on an average 20 international companies set their businesses in Dubai. In the first quarter of 2014, the UAE strengthened its position as the prime destination for the expats in the GCC. The lucrative business environment especially in emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the tax-free policy drives a lot of expatriates to the city.

Job market in Dubai


Scope of Engineering in the Job Market of Dubai

For a knowledge based economy like that of Dubai, Engineering is among the key industries and today a number of nationals are being encouraged to take up engineering and technology. But the lack of skilled and experienced nationals within the country creates a need for professionals outside the boundaries of the UAE.  Dubai constantly demands experienced and competent professionals who have a specialized degree in the field of mechanics, electronics and mechatronics.  Since there is a scarcity of talent within the country, the companies open their doors for the expats from round the globe.

The Salary Trends

The UAE is a country where the employer has a tax free salary and hence you can expect 25% higher salaries when compared to the world.  Now, talking about the engineers specifically, the salary trends are as follows:

·         An engineer with specialization in mechanical can expect a salary range between Dh161, 370 and Dh357, 000 per annum.
·         A professional with a specialization in electrical engineering can expect a salary range between Dh175, 732 and Dh343, 124 per annum.
·         A professional qualified as a mechanical engineer can earn between Dh148, 017 and Dh336, 356 per annum.
The average salary per month salary on the basis of designation is

12,504 AED
Mechanical Engineer
13,001 AED
Electrical Engineer
14,413 AED
Civil Engineer
16,432 AED
Project Engineer
16,656 AED
Process Engineer
23,550 AED
Design Engineer
17,801 AED


Dubai: The Living Experience

The 80% of Dubai’s population comprises of expats working there. Dubai as a city gives you a experience of a multicultural yet traditional society.  Dubai gives you one of the most favorable environments to work for. With a shift from oil and gas industry and more focus on the other sectors, Dubai has emerged as a lucrative tourist place.
Well there may be language barriers locally but English is the communication language in the entire business community. The city has a lively scene with few social barriers that makes it easy for the expatriates to settle in the city almost immediately.
A chance to get a new lifestyle and to work with projects that gives maximum exposure and a learning experience that is difficult to get anywhere else in the world. There are numerous opportunities that give you an option to settle in the UAE.

The Final Words

If you are looking for a career in engineering with a positive growth rate and higher salary packages then Dubai is definitely a place to live in. It is important to understand that the main religion in the country is Islam and there are some things that are completely not acceptable. In order to live pleasantly you must learn to respect the culture that they follow and you are sure to get an experience for a lifestyle.
The organizations look for talent with global exposure, and the region offers plenty of job opportunities for those who aspire to build a career in the field of engineering.


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