Mechanical Engineering—Career and Job Prospects


A vastly diverse field, mechanical engineering still happens to be a favorite among all engineering aspirants. Read the following article to know more about mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering career

An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

One of the oldest engineering branches, mechanical engineering is often referred to as the mother of engineering. It is the discipline of engineering that deals with the doctrines of materials science and physics. What sets Mechanical engineering apart from the rest of the engineering disciplines is its great diverse nature. Since the history of mankind, several scientific inventions have had some influence or involved the continuous use of mechanical engineering. Traditionally, concepts that mechanical engineers have dealt with are robotics, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. These ideas were put into action by mechanical engineers in order to design manufacturing that were often state-of-the-art. Mechanical engineers also contribute towards the developments of power plants, engines and machineries. They are involved in both manufacturing and designing and manufacturing is one industry where mechanical engineers are always in demand.
Nevertheless, with the passage of time the old-age job description of mechanical engineers have undergone numerous modifications. Their areas of specialization have expanded into arenas like environmental conservation, nanotechnology, development of composite materials and many more. Mechanical engineers of the twenty-first century are often seen performing myriad tasks in the fields of management, finance and others.

Mechanical Engineering – Diploma or Degree

A vast field, mechanical engineers have ample career opportunities in a country like India. Even in an era where software and Information Technology (IT) seems to have away all the laurels, Mechanical Engineering still has millions of takers. Students face tough completion while cracking engineering entrance examinations like Advanced JEE and AIEEE. Basic eligibility required to appear for these examinations are 10+2 completed in Science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Students can choose from several mechanical engineering colleges in the country. Apart from the Advanced JEE and AIEEE, several Indian states also hold engineering entrance examinations. Well-known among them are the MHT-CET (Maharashtra Joint Entrance), WB-JEE (West Bengal Joint) and CET (Karnataka Joint Entrance).
A B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering spans four years. Upon completing his or her a student can opt for an M.Tech and continue with higher studies. Candidates who want to pursue their M.Tech form the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) must clear the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE). These days some top engineering institutes including the IITs offer combined dual programs in mechanical engineering, i.e., B.Tech and M.Tech combined spanning five years’ duration.
However, those who do not fall under the category of “lucky ones” can opt for a diploma in mechanical engineering. Polytechnic institutes across the country offer diplomas in mechanical engineering. Diploma holders in mechanical engineers can also end up with lucrative job opportunities. Manufacturing sector also employs diploma holders in mechanical engineering. However, unlike a B.Tech degree, the duration for a diploma programs spans three years.
Candidates those who want to pursue a diploma in mechanical engineering can enroll themselves in the Institute of Mechanical Engineers or Institution of Engineering.

Expenditures and Financial Aids

While it comes to expenses, a degree program in mechanical engineering depends upon the institute. A B.Tech from a private engineering college would cost somewhere between INR 80000 to INR 350000. However, if you are lucky enough to crack the IITs or any other reputed government engineering college, the expenses can very somewhere between INR 40000 to INR 50000.
Scholarships and financial aids are available for deserving and meritorious students. The Indian Oil Corporation Limited offers scholarships to students who want to pursue mechanical engineering. Apart from that, top mechanical engineering institutes have their own scholarships and their own set of criterions.

Employment Opportunities and Remunerations

A diverse field, mechanical engineering abounds with ample employment opportunities. Mechanical engineers are essential to design manufacture, test, operate, install, and maintain an extensive assortment of mechanical schemes that are used in myriad productions. Both the public and the private sector employ mechanical engineers. Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in India – TATA, Reliance, Aditya Birla, and Ashok Leyland.
Major industries where mechanical engineers can seek employment are; aeronautics, bio-mechanical, space research, automobile, energy and utilities. On the other hand the agriculture and the refining sectors are also potential employers of mechanical engineers. In the government sector, mechanical engineers can showcase their talents as consultants and technical experts in government-run projects.
In an ever-green field like Mechanical Engineering, it is needless to say that salary packages are definitely good. Though the beginnings can be somewhat rudimentary, still a fresher can earn anywhere between INR 20000 to INR 25000. Students passing out from the IITs can expect a better starting salary compared to the rest.
Nonetheless, over time, experience and proficiency leads to a better package. Depending upon their position and organization, mechanical engineers can earn up to INR 25 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs.

Top Institutes

Some of the engineering colleges in the country to pursue mechanical engineering are listed below:
  • Indian Institutes of Technology, at Kharagpur, Kanpur, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Guwahati, Roorkee
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah, West Bengal
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (Ranchi)
  • College of Engineering, Pune
  • College of Engineering, Guindy, Tamil Nadu

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Scope of Civil Engineering


Today we will talk about the scope of civil engineering as it is an important question in current scenario. It is true that no one likes to spend 4 years for engineering and afterwards remain unemployed. Before we talk about the future scope of Civil engineering I would like to share interesting data about college pass outs;

  • 11% Civil Engineer Opt higher education after completion of BE/BTech like MBA, ME, Mtech and MS.
  • 7% Students get selected every year in campus placements.
  • 3% Student prefer study for IES and Govt Job
  • 1% Student selected for Govt Job
  • 1% Student starts own business/Family business

So remaining 76 percent student will have to go out and search job or remain unemployed. It is a huge figure and not pleasing as far as concern of the scope of civil engineering, isn't it ?

Don’t panic ! Let me explain step-by-step.
Civil engineering is one of the oldest branch which has many different areas to work from home building construction to highway; therefore huge scope for civil engineering graduates to work in many different sectors such as design, planning, construction and execution. It also includes many works such as road, building, bridge, runways, dam, power generation,  waste water treatment, sewer line, water supply, offices, industries and many more.

If we talk about the future scope of civil engineering in India then we can see construction, power and energy sector have been growing with rapid pace and there will be huge demand of Civil engineers. So you can relax and if you come under category of 76 percent then you can feel a sigh of relief. It is because civil engineering is the only field  which has less unemployment than other Engineering branches. Moreover I will explain below which field in Civil engineering you choose to get maximum benefits and salary packages.

Designing - Scope of Civil Engineering

One of the premier job category in Civil engineering if you start your career as a designer. You must have good academics records and hands on experience in designing to grab a job in any top construction or designing firm. However initial salary may not be good enough but after a year or two you may earn around 5 lakhs per annum.
In Proficiency of the following civil Engineering software will be helpful to get a job as a Designer.
  • Staad Pro
  • AutoCAD
  • TopoCAD
  • SurvCAD
  • 3D structural Modeling Software
  • AutoTurn
Get complete list of must-learn Civil Engineering software here

Planning -  Scope of Civil Engineering

If you consider yourself better planner then choose career in Planning or project management which you might have learnt during your study. Although only big companies and construction department can afford a Planning engineer.  It is rather a good job choice as you can manage to work from office iteself and additionally can get moderate salary up to 4 to 5 lakhs initially in any big construction company like Tata, Sharooji Pallonji, L&T etc.
To acquire planning knowledge and project management I will recommend you to get expertise in following software before attending any interview.
  • Primavera
  • MS Project

Construction -  Scope of Civil Engineering

Getting a job as construction engineer/Project manger is an easy as compared to designer. There are large numbers of opportunities available in many construction area like industrial, residential, road construction etc. A construction engineer is responsible for execution of project and there are many different level to achieve and you may reach up to Project manger level at site level. 
Moreover you don’t require any special training or program to work as construction engineer but it is considered a tough job in its category.

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Don't be disheartened if you do not get a job initially. Just wait for right opportunity as future scope of civil engineering in India is bright.  Always prefer the job category which suits you most otherwise you will not be able to perform well.

If you have any question regarding scope of Civil engineering or career in Civil Engineering then please ask below in comment section.

Top Must Have Civil Engineering Software

Being a civil engineer never expect a life away from computers. Friends, it is a technology time and no one can live without technology and software. I know Civil engineering software are useful for designers and planner who sit in office, but don’t run away from these and make yourself proficient in civil engineering software which may take you long way in professional life.

Almost every company prefers professionals who stand out of the queue and offer something to deal with technology. Below is a list of Civil engineering software which are helpful from career point of view and expertise in some of these will offer you better job position in coming future.

Civil Engineering Software

Top 10 Civil Engineering Software list


Autodesk product AutoCAD is a civil engineering design and drawing software. It is one of the best engineering software which has many features includes design, precision, 2D and 3D modeling. AutoCAD is a powerful and must learn software for all civil engineering professional as you cannot imagine a engineering life without AutoCAD. I rated it first in the category of Civil engineering software list. 

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STADD pro is a design software address all the need of the structural engineering. It is a must learn software for civil engineering professionals and I ranked it second in civil engineering software list.
STAADPro has everything to deal with structural engineering needs including many user interference features, visualization tools, powerful analysis and many more.

MS Project

MS Project is a project management software which is especially designed for project related activities like planning, budgeting, tracking and resource management. It is developed by Microsoft and useful in category of civil engineering software list.


It is a project management software developed by Oracle Corporation. This software is a complete solution to determine and track project time lines and resource making. Primavera is also a must learn software for a civil engineer. is for foundation solution which easily can solve your complex base designing problems. It can be used to design spread, strip, pile, hexagonal and octagonal foundations. If you are a fulltime designer then this is must have software.

RAM Concept

It is an advanced design of reinforcement and post tensioned concrete slab software which includes design of all the slabs like one way and two way slabs.


MicroStation is a drawing software which is useful to integrate the CAD program which makes files into 3D and 2D. You can create and interact with 3D CAD and 2D CAD models and designs.

Civil Designer

Civil Designer is a software of civil design which fulfills the requirement of civil engineering design. It comes with many models including water, survey, sewer and storm water modules.


STAAD.beava is a software program to design bridge while dealing with many factors like live load, dead load, wind load and moving loads.


ASCAD is a useful software for civil engineers and land surveyors to design and draw civil engineering drawing considering standard IS codes and rules.

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Never let your learning habit dies and always try to learn as many software possibly from all civil engineering software listed above. However few of software are useful for specific purpose only therefore learn as per your professional needs and requirements. Lastly, I will recommend every civil engineer to get familiar with at least AutoCAD, MS Project and Primavera.

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Top Mechanical Engineering companies in India


Being a mechanical engineer you always want to work for top mechanical companies in India and abroad. They offer lucrative packages, lifestyle and professional opportunity to excel your career in the field of mechanical engineering. For getting a job into these top mechanical engineering companies a person should pass out from reputed college and have good academic records. There are two types of recruitment process to get it into mechanical engineering companies in India;
  1. Companies recruit fresher mechanical engineers from campus placements and walk-in Interviews.
  2. Experienced candidates can apply for job into appropriate category by visiting respective company’s job portal.

Mechanical engineering companies in india

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Compared to other engineering branches of engineering, mechanical engineers have more opportunities in private sector. An Automobile and steel manufacturing sector is top in the category which produces maximum jobs for mechanical engineers. Below is a list of top mechanical engineering companies in India which is prepared on the basis of company recruiting highest number of mechanical engineers.

Tata Group

Tata Group has many companies but some of the companies have high rate of intake for mechanical engineers like Tata motors, Tata consultancy (TCS), Tata Steel and Tata projects. Getting a job in Tata group is like a dream come true and if you are a mechanical engineer then you should try your luck in this giant venture which is considered best mechanical engineering company in India as far as employee satisfaction is concerned.
Tata group is headed by Cyrus Mistry and it has presence in almost every big city in India. You can submit your resume at Tata career portal here.
Corporate Office : Mumbai

Reliance Group

Reliance is a well known group in India which ranks among of top mechanical companies in India. It has business in many sectors but mechanical engineers can get maximum benefits working in Reliance industries limited and Reliance refinery. If you are interested to be a part of this giant group then visit their job portal here.
Corporate Office : Mumbai

Larsen & Toubro

Larsen & Toubro is a giant company which has diversified business in various sectors like electrical, manufacturing and construction. It has existence in almost every part of the world and you will get ample opportunity to learn and excel your career working with them. Getting a job in L&T is not tough though, don’t be dishearten if you are not get selected in campus. They invite job application from experienced and fresher candidates throughout the year. Get detail information about current vacancies here.
Corporate Office : Mumbai

Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is among of the best mechanical companies in India in Automobile sector which offers handsome package and best opportunity for fresher and experience mechanical engineers. It is a flagship company of Hinduja group which has strong hold in commercial vehicle category.
Visit company’s job portal here for latest job opportunities.
Corporate Office : Chennai

Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla is a conglomerate and has strong hold in cement, metal and fiber. It has global existence in more than 30 countries and being a mechanical engineer you can include Aditya Birla group in top company which has trends to offer employment satisfaction. You may get in touch with them using company’s career portal here.
Corporate Office : Mumbai

I hope above information about top mechanical engineering companies in India will be helpful for mechanical engineering students and professionals who want to work in best mechanical engineering companies in India. (Also Read : Top Electrical companies In India)
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