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Everyday millions of web pages are being analyzed to gather the necessary information on various civil engineering topics by civil engineering professionals, engineers and students all around the globe.  Make things easier for the people who are interested to grab the information about civil engineering news, latest developments, procedures, guidelines and articles. Below are some of the best civil engineering website and forums may help you to get all the topics at one place and certainly save your valuable time.

American society of civil Engineers is one of the oldest and premier society in the world. You will get all sort of information on the latest civil engineering developments, news, techniques and technologies, even various groups are actively participating in many important topics. ASCE also offers to participate in open forum for discussions and even you can subscribe for newsletters.
There are various organizations involved within the ACSE, they host service trainings and events for their members and students. 

I personally would recommend this website portal for civil engineering professionals and students. They are dedicatedly providing useful information on the civil engineering and there are thousands of active members on the website ready to help you on civil engineering topics. I like this website as they provide two way communications, one where user can ask question to experts and other offer experts to submit their related content on website.

This is dedicated forum for engineering stream people all across the world. There are millions of active members on the forum and I like the forum because here you can find all kind of engineering experts at one place. Also,  If you are job seeker then you can contact employer directly for any job posted on the forum. is a high-quality website for the engineering professional and students to get in touch with all the latest happening in the engineering world. There you will explore fresh content published on engineering and technologies. I would recommend this website if you are seeking for information out of your engineering study course. On the whole,  there are millions of useful  web links certainly help you to browse through unlimited unnoticed articles posted by the experts.

it is one of the best civil engineering forum having more than 54000+ members and serving engineering community for last 4 years.  You can find tons of civil engineering software, thesis, projects and articles for ready to download and references.

Definitely these best civil engineering websites must end your web search as far as civil engineering is concern. Moreover, I would suggest students and professional civil engineers to join couple of discussion forums and subscribe few best civil and architect blog for latest civil engineering updates and development. As forums are best source of medium to exchange information as it facilitate people to share their views on any given subject. 

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Floor coating: Great way to make your floor colorful

In such a competitive scenario, Industries are more concerning about raising the quality production.  Industry pundits are committed to deliver best quality product to their customers because they don’t want to lose the customer to divert attention towards similar product offer by other manufacturers.  Henceforth, they always keen to improve the quality of production to minimize defects and money loss occurred due to manufacturing flaws.
Industries have already given face lift to their manufacturing units and equipped them with advance machinery to improve quality of product. There are also various method can help to improve the quality of production besides atomization and robotic machinery. In this aspect, improvement of floor condition is essential part to provide ambient working environment and aesthetics of shop floor.
(Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/
Floor coating improves the visibility and gives ideal look to deadly looking concrete floor. It creates operation friendly environment, where operation people can carry out the job hassle-free.
Below few important points which give floor coating advantage over normal cement concrete floor.  
  • Floor coating improves light level and brightness thus easy operation on complex job.
  • It gives uniform stability to floor and can withstand under heavy machinery and medium vehicular movement.

  • Floor coating is ideal choice for those industries, which adhere to keep the floor hygienic and dust free. It is easy to upkeep the housekeeping as dust; small particle can be wiped away easily.

  • No need to stick to the single colour offered by concrete floor, select among several available colour and pattern. It is therefore, useful designating the places for machinery and gangways.

  • Floor coating itself is long lasting product and can sustain up to 10 to 12 years in ideal condition.

  • Floor coatings are water, skid, abrasion, chemical and thermal shock resistance.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is rigid, tough and can sustain under heavy load, therefore preferred for commercial and industrial sector. You can choose epoxy coating for wall, floors and other surfaces such as tanks, slabs and material stock floors. It is mix of epoxy resin and application does take less than 72 hours coating 3 different layers including final coat of epoxy.
Epoxy coating is widely adopted product, which can sustain under heavy load and better quality can be achieved by maximize the thickness of layer. However thickness depends on the use of flooring area as oil spillage, chemical contamination and abrasions may ruin the coating if thickness of flooring will not maintain as per requirements.

Polyurethane Coating

PU based is another type of coating application, which is cheaper than epoxy coating. It is suitable for non-commercial flooring such as office floor, flats and home. Same as epoxy coating it is apply in three different layers but you cannot achieve greater thickness using polyurethane flooring. It is not as effective as abrasive and chemical resistance coating than epoxy based coating.
It definitely perk up your home flooring experience as it is available in many colours and provide great sustainability to wall and flooring. PU coating not only offer glossy look and smooth finish, but help you to maintain floor cleanliness as sticky stains can be cleaned easily.
Floor coating is advantageous as it requiring simple efforts to maintain and upkeep, even normal sweeping activity and cleaning with water will keep the coating look great for many years.   

Useful techniques to prevent surface concrete cracks

Have you ever seen cracked concrete floor? You must admit that seen many times and tried lots of efforts to prevent it but did not get succeeded. Yes, but as a homeowner or engineer you always want to get rid of shabby look of cracked concrete floor and always try to find out the solution.

Let’s see straight into concrete property and easily can understand that concrete expends in high temperature and shrink in low temperature. Development of shrinkage starts in early age of the concrete because of the tensile act of the concrete. Although cracks are difficult to eliminate but generally they don’t impact much as far as integrity of concrete is concern.

(Image courtesy of anankkml/
I must admit to follow the standard guidelines while pouring the concrete but never follow them blindly. You should adopt right flooring technique suits your geographical condition. Following factors should be kept in mind while pouring concrete.

Know the importance of temperature

We must have to understand freeze-thaw cycle of concrete especially in winter; when temperature falls below 18 degree concrete starts freezing and at the same time when it reaches 35 degree it start melting. In process when concrete will start to gain its original shape and failed to gain original shape results development of cracks.

Moreover, rise in temperature impact concrete to expand and shrink at the time when fall in temperature. In this transition concrete unable to restore to their original form sometimes due to huge variation in temperature results surface cracks.

Henceforth, it is recommended coating the surface either with the silicon solvent or polyurethane fibers to minimize the temperature impact to prevent surface cracks.

Know the theory of Control Joints

It is recommended to provide joints in concrete to relive stresses in specific location instead of all across the surface. The concrete surface can be cut/ grooved just after final setting of the surface.  It allows concrete to relive the stresses in weaker section of the concrete flooring when it shrinks.  There are various kind of joints can be provided;

1. Expansion Joints
2. Contraction Joints
3. Construction Joints

You also can read article on  Tremix Concrete or surface de-watering  to prevent cracks on concrete flooring. 

Reinforcement reduces concrete cracks

As we know concrete is strong in compression and steel is good in tension. Shrinkage crack develop when concrete undergo to volumetric changes at the time of drying or thermal effects.  Appropriate reinforcement will provide good tensile strength to concrete and help to reduce shrinkage impact.  The amount of shrinkage depends on the spacing of the reinforcement and concrete’s chemical reaction.

Know the usefulness of basic engineering

• Water cement ratio should be well balanced and proper w/c ratio should obtain as per geographical condition to get the desirable results. It may impact adversely if not properly maintained.

• Quality aggregates and sand should be used to get the best concrete. Never use salt contained sand, as it will lead to surface cracks later on.

• Use of admixture shall improve concrete hydration and great bonding strength.

• Keep the concrete surface wet for at least 15 days to help cement concrete to complete reaction to achieve maximum strength.

• Restrict vehicular moment or loading on the new concrete surface until it achieve the full strength.

Next time you may well prepare to achieve your desirable result to restrict concrete cracks. Below in comment section you can share your views.

Selecting Right window curtains for your dream home

Homeowners choose curtain to decorate their dream home but sometimes they just give it least preference and randomly select curtain for door and window.  They must understand curtain requirement and choose right sort of curtain for each room instead of randomly selecting single type of curtain for entire house. Not only curtains protect entering direct sunlight but similarly useful to allow light in the room. Window curtain must gel with the room interior and give maximum benefit to their occupant. It enhances home interior and restrict direct sunlight entering into the house.

Living Room

(Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Living room is ideal location to do your best possible experiment and choose vivid colour suits room design. You can select shear drape curtain which allow maximum lighting in day and heating up your home during winter.
Curtains for south facing window can be dark, bright and intense colour but avoid fancy laces curtain to restrict direct sunlight.


(Image courtesy of nuttakit/
Practically you can select any type of colour suits your interior, but for privacy purpose avoid shear drape curtain theme. It is recommended to use thick and dark material curtain for window since most of shear drape allow curtain see through from outside. They can be bright in colour but avoid silk and cotton material which gets fade away easily over period of time.


(Image courtesy of winnond/
It is recommended avoid hanging up any type of the cloth fabric curtain for bathroom windows as it easily will get soaked. You can use vinyl or nylon curtain for showers and vertical blinds for windows since they are water repellent.


(Image courtesy of FrameAngel/
In kitchen you can use different type of curtains for window but avoid curtains hanging up to the floor level. You should prefer vertical blinds for kitchen window and hang them away from any electrical apparatus or gas stove.

Children’s room

(Image courtesy of photoraidz/
You can select any kind of colourful and cartoon character printed curtains for your children’s bedroom as per your choice. It is not suitable to use luxurious and expensive fabric curtain for kid’s bedroom as it tends to get affected by dust and stain more often.

You always want to give your room unique look rather than looking for traditional curtain. Henceforth,  try something unusual or give them personalize look by printing your own family pictures.  It is recommend to get done detail measurement of window prior to purchasing them from store or online.  

Please share your own tips below in the comment section.

10 Must have home repair Tools for homeowners

Are you fed up with the small problems often you face in your house premises? It may be the issue of broken tiles or filling the gap of wall plaster. You are totally depended on the outside agencies to repair and rectify them. You might have been victim many times when you paid higher cost to agencies than they really deserved. You have to pay them for small things because you cannot execute them itself without having appropriate tools.

It is an issue with every homeowner and they easily can avoid these expenses just by repair the things at home. It is not mastering or any art to carry out the repairing work whether constructing a small wall for plant or filling the gap of floor tiles. Below list of few important engineering tools definitely help you to perform new or repair job in your house premises.

Measuring Tape

(Image courtesy of SundayMorning/
You must have at least 2 sets of measuring tap, 5 meters and 15 meters for small and long measurement respectively. It is useful for measuring length and width of any object. It is recommended to buy steel tape for long life and accurate results.

Spirit Level
(Image courtesy of Ambro/
One more important tool recommended for homeowners to find out the level of two surfaces, which can be judged by bubble movement.

(Image courtesy of vichie81/
It is multi-purpose tool used for many activities such as mixing the mortar, filling the gap of bricks, repair of plastering work and constructing brick wall.

(Image courtesy of James Barker/
Brush is painting tools, but it is also useful for cleaning the surface and finishing work. Even you can use brush to clean dust settled on the skirting lines, which may not get dirt free even by vacuum cleaner.

Hammer and chisel
(Image courtesy of den/
Whether you are fixing photo frame or nailing, hammer is important tool. It combine with chisel definitely let you dismantle floor and removal of unwanted solid concrete material.

Tile Cutter
(Image courtesy of cjansuebsri/
It is quite handy tool used for tile and wall plaster cutting. You can cut plaster surface and easily can install electrical pipe or cable tray same as useful to cut tile and fix them as per requirements.

(Image courtesy of winnond/

It is most common gardening tool but handy for mixing mortar and filling the sand or mortar in pan.

Drill Machine
(Image courtesy of Pong/
Drill machine definitely give you more relief specially driving nails in rock hard concrete for fixing painting or picture.

(Image courtesy of Rasmus Thomsen/
It is made of iron, fiber or wooden which help to judge right angle of any surface. It is rather useful to set out a right angle corner for window and door opening at the time of carry out plastering work.

Plumb Bob

Tool help you to check straightness of any object. Whether you are fitting pipe or fixing door frame, it will assist you to fix them as straight as possible.

Please leave your comments below if I have missed out any important repair tool for home owners.

Why control and relay panel is important for substation

Control and Relay panel is most important equipment of the substation as it work as shield guard for all substation equipments and electrical network. Moreover, these panels are useful to control the flow of electricity as per the Voltage class and detect the faults in transmission lines.

(Image courtesy of domdeen/

Designing and manufacturing of Control and Relay panel depend on the requirement of utilities and these can broadly be classified as follows;

-         Line Protection

-         Transformer Protection

-         Bus Bar Protection

-         Tie Breaker

-         Bus Coupler

-         Reactor

In this panel, varieties of numerical & electromechanical relays are installed to provide damage protection to equipments. Meters, Semaphore indicators, Control Switches, Indicating lamps, Push Buttons, Annunciator, Test Blocks and Test Plugs are among of major equipments installed as per designing requirements.

The Control & relay panels are designed & manufactured as per voltage class of substations like 11KV, 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV and 400KV etc. However DC voltage or supply voltage may differ according to the panel requirement such as 30V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC etc. Use of Control & relay panel is not only limited in Substations owned and operated by electrical utilities, but also essential in industrial and commercial sector where power consumption is very high.

Modern Control & Relay panels are widely being manufactured as per international standards and strictly following IEC -61850 communication protocol, which is well compatible to SCADA application.

(Image courtesy of patpitchaya/

There are major two types of control panels are being manufactured for substations;

-         Simplex type

-         Duplex type

In simplex type panel, all control and relay instruments are equipped/mounted in the same panel. On the other hand, control & relay unit fitted separately in duplex type, wherein relay installed in relay section and other equipments like Meters, Switches, Semaphores, Annunciator, indicating lamps and Push Buttons in control section.

Furthermore, design of Panel can be categorized in two types as per customer requirements and location feasibility ;

-         Corridor type

-         Rack mounting type

Panel is made of CRCA sheet having thickness from 2mm to 3mm. Rack mounting type panel is design with front glass door and corridor type is simple panel which do not have front glass door.


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