Online shopping coupons Websites in India

Did you ever realize that buying a bottle of coke will cost you Rs 20 for 300 ml, but actual manufacturing cost of the bottle is approximate 5 rupees. Surprised ? don’t be. Actually, there are lots of overhead which is paid by the customer including company profit, government taxes, dealer profit and retailer benefits.
It means you pay almost 300 percent more than its manufacturing cost. This is the way any business run and little trick and intelligence may help you save big. Therefore, I prefer online shopping websites because most of the online shopping websites buy directly from the company and it will cut down your cost around 20 percent which will be paid to dealers and retailers.

Online Shopping coupons website in india

Following things should be kept in mind before shopping anything online;
  • Compare websites before buying any product.
  • If you are booking a flight, bus or train ticket then check online offers.
  • Always give preference to a website which provides cash on delivery and returns policy.
  • Last but not the least, search online discount coupon websites for deals.
I have learned many things by buying lots of stuff online and my favorite trick to collect discount, promotion, and offer from online is coupon websites before shopping and booking a ticket. I will give more preference to these online coupon websites because they update on regular basis and are the reliable source to collect coupons without doing much hard work.

Here is the list of top online shopping coupons sites in India.

Coupon Dunia

I will rate it best website for coupons, promotions, and offers. It is one of the reliable online coupon websites which offers the wide range of coupons, deals and discounts for almost all the popular shopping sites in India include some of the most popular online stores such as Flipkart, Myntra Jabong, Amazon, Snapdeal and much more.

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Especially they offer deals on a range of products starting from clothes, Electronics, Cosmetics, Home & kitchen furniture, flight tickets and much more. You just name it and they have a deal for you. The best part is that they keep on updating their coupons on regular basis and thousands of coupons are available including snapdeal coupons, eBay coupon, Amazon coupons, Flipkart Coupons clear trip flight discount, tradus promotions etc. Believe me, they offer a regular sale where you may save from 10% off to sometimes up to 50% off.

Moreover, if you are a shopaholic then don’t worry just register on website and you will receive daily offers and latest coupon right into your inbox.

Started in Mumbai, It is most recommended online shopping coupons website and doesn't forget to check Coupon Dunia offers and deals before buying/booking anything online. Let me tell you one important thing, it is only online shopping coupon website in India which offers Amazon coupons which will offer you shop in any part of the world.


Groupon India is the comparatively good website for daily offers. It offers deals and discounts on various services like travel, healthcare, beauty products etc. It promotes one discount offer every day but the deal is made available only if some minimum number of people sign up for the offer and it will be canceled if predefined number will not purchase that deal. This is the only con of this website, otherwise, It can be accessed from mobile using their mobile app which allows the user to get access anywhere for best deals and offers. However, you can receive daily deals directly into your mail box by subscribing groupon.

I will give 3rd position to promocoders, it is an another online coupon site which offers coupons, deals and promotion codes for some of the most popular merchants which include Myntra, Flipkart, eBay, Yebhi, snapdeal promo code etc. You can avail from 10% to 30%  off  by using their coupons for purchasing products from your favorite websites.

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How to become a chartered Engineer


Chartered Engineer is an exclusive badge you can add to your professional life, it describe the knowledge, competent and expertise in the field of Engineering. This certificate is recognized by government, corporate and industries. Moreover you will have extra mileage to excel your career in the engineering stream.

chartered engineer in india

How to become a chartered Engineer in India

Becoming a chartered Engineer in India is easy as compared to other European countries or any commonwealth countries. A person who is seeking to acquire chartered engineer Certificate in Europe has to qualify the multiple examinations conducted by respective Engineering council. But if you are willing to work abroad then chartered engineer certificate obtained in India will not benefit you as most of the countries do not recognize this certificate.
As I said above obtaining a chartered Engineer certificate means you will have more career opportunities in Government and private sector and it will benefit you lifelong.

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidate who is applying for chartered Engineer certificate must hold Bachelor degree in Engineering in any stream (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical engineering etc)– BE, Btech.
  • He should have minimum 5 years of professional Working Experience
  • He must hold corporate membership of the Institute of Engineers from any  three corporate grades – Fellow, member or Associate member (AMIE).
You will be entitled as a chartered Engineer for lifetime after becoming a corporate member of the Institute of Engineers (India).

Application Time & Date

There is no such specific date and time; person can apply throughout the year.

Application Form and Performa

Detail information and Performa can be obtained from IEl website here.

Fee Structure

Any corporate member can obtain Chartered Engineer certificate on payment of $500 US dollar (For Other countries) and Rs. 5000 for (India & Nepal resident).

Chartered Engineer Job & responsibility

All the government authorities like courts, Banks, government organization and statutory bodies give special recognition to chartered engineers. Although private organizations also abide to get clearance from chartered engineer before getting a Clearance from government departments.
Moreover chartered engineers can establish a consultancy firm or work in public and private company.

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Information provided above will be helpful for Engineering students and professionals and if you have any question about chartered Engineer then please ask below in comment section.

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Trends & Manufacturers: Brick making machine

Brick is a cheapest, easily available, man made construction material which replaced stone and rock slabs long back around 200 years ago. It has a long history and now it has become an essential construction element because it is cheap, light weight, requires less manpower skill and handling is easy than any other construction material. As I mentioned above, Brick making was completely a handmade process since arrival of brick making machines. Initially Brick making machine or clay brick making machine did not get the proper response due to cheaper labour cost in India.

The brick making machine received highest queries in last decade due to enormous growth  in construction industry dramatically raising the demand of bricks. Therefore Brick making machines came into existence to fulfil the high Brick demand to emerging construction market in India.

In this booming period, labour cost was gone up and brick manufacturers adopted the machine technology to produce bricks. The huge demand of brick manufacturing machines opened the door for numerous manufacturing companies to produce brick making machines to cater the largest unskilled manpower industry.
fly ash brick making machine
(Image courtesy of nongpimmy/

Listed below are some of the facts to understand advantage of brick making machine as compared to manual brick manufacturing.
  • Machine bricks are proper in shape, uniform texture and sharp corners.
  • Clay brick making machine produces homogeneous mix which cannot be achieved cent percent in manual mixing.
  • Shape and size of manual brick will not be identical due to continuous use of wooden mould as compared to machine brick, where iron moulds are being used.
The block, clay brick and fly ash brick making machine can be manually or hydraulic operated and varying outputs from 10000 to 12000 bricks per hour in large machine, whereas small machines  produce 600 to 1000 bricks per hour.
Advantage of Buying Brick making machines.
  • Big construction companies can produce bricks on site and cut down construction material cost.
  • Machine bricks available on site can produce brick as per work requirement and in-house manufacturing will give more control to ensure quality.
  • Shape and size of brick can be obtained as per the construction requirement.
  • Different types of bricks manufacturing can be done as per the work requirement such as Fly ash bricks, red bricks.
Generally brick making machines are available in local market and existing brick manufacturers are well versed with the efficiency of these machines. But if you are planning to establish a brick manufacturing company or a firm to supply bricks to construction companies / retail market then below a list of top Brick machine manufacturers in India will be useful to get in touch with them. Moreover you can get complete detail by visiting their websites and use enquiry form available on respective website to submit your query related to brick making machines and their standard outputs.

1. AHP Machines - Pune, Maharashtra
2. Chirag India – Karnal, Haryana
3. Laxmi & company  - Coimbatore, India
4. PGP Brick Industry – Sangli, Maharashtra
5. Karan Engineering Works – Delhi, India

Apart from manufacturing Brick making machine the above mentioned companies in India are also dealing in  Paving block machines, Fly ash Brick making machines and Clay brick making machines.

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Solar energy companies in India

Solar energy is completely in new look and everybody is talking about solar panels, solar power plants and solar power. It is because people are more curious to know about solar energy and want to adopt this energy resource as it is available free of cost without affecting our environment.

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which is produced by the Sun rays, and with the help of few equipments we can covert, store and supply it form of electrical energy. In this conversion process Photovoltaic cells and solar panels are main devices which help to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

Solar power Industry has been growing with rapid pace because of huge energy demand in Indian market. Therefore, demand of Solar producer came into existence in the market and many old corporate jumped into this profitable sector like Tata, Reliance, Lanco etc. Below is the list of top energy companies in India, which are in the field of solar power sector installing solar power plants.

solar power companies in India
(Image courtesy of cooldesign/

Tata Power Solar

Leading Solar energy Company in India, Tata Solar is a subsidiary of Tata Power founded in the year 1989. Tata solar is an ISO 9001 and 14000 certified company producing PV module and solar panel. Apart from the product manufacturing, company provides wide range of solar solution including Installation, service and maintenance.
Tata Power Corporate Office: Bangalore, India

Moser Baer Solar

Moser Baer solar is one of the premier solar product company, a flagship company of Moser Baer group which was established in the year 1983. They started solar PV manufacturing in the year 2005 with a prime focus of providing cheaper Solar solution. With the global presence in many countries, Moser Baer has reached production capacity of 500 MW.
Moser Baer Corporate office: New Delhi, India

Lanco Solar

Lanco Solar is a major player in solar power sector, It is subsidiary of Lanco group which is well known name in Infrastructure and energy sector. It has 4 major solar power plants  two in Gujarat, one each in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Other than manufacturing of Solar Power plant, Lanco Solar has been working as an EPC contractor and begged many prestigious Solar projects in government and private sector.
Lanco Solar Corporate Office: Gurgaon, Haryana
Lanco Solar Website:

Reliance Industries limited solar

Reliance is a big player in the solar industry aims to provide solar solution to remote and rural areas of India. Reliance solar has diversified product ranges from home lighting system to solar air conditioners. The company was established in the year 2007 headquartered in Mumbai and continuously expanding their business in Solar power and solar products.
Reliance Solar Corporate Office: Mumbai, India

Indo solar Limited

Indosolar is the leading solar power company in India and key manufacturer of Solar PV cells. Company’s manufacturing facility is located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh with the capacity of 160 MW.
Indo Solar Office: New Delhi, India

I hope this list of top solar energy companies in India will be useful but there are numerous solar companies are available in market which offers home, industry and commercial solar solutions including Installation, commissioning and service. You can pick right one as per your need and requirement.
If you have any question, please do leave us comment.

Uses and importance of Scaffolding in Construction

Civil Engineers, construction professionals and technicians are well aware about the term “Scaffolding”. It is a temporary support or frame structure provided for construction, maintenance and repair work on which person can work and take material load. It can be made of pipe, wood, metal, wire or stone which is used to provide comfortable working platform for performing the construction activities.

Scaffolding materials

Common Material used for Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding Tubes – Steel tube used for scaffolding as per Indian Standard code (IS) 4014 should be 40 mm nominal bore heavy class and grade Yst 22.
  • Steel Fittings – Steel fitting should be in accordance with the IS code 2750.
  • Timber – Timber used for scaffolding should be of good quality, not painted and treated properly without any defects.
Scaffolding consists of three basic components which are standard, ledger and transom. It is a temporary structure but for safety of human life it has become essential part of industry. The following things to be taken care of while using scaffolding;
  • Scaffolding material shall be easy to erect and dismantle, and every part / joints shall be visible.
  • Scaffolding shall not be placed close to high tension wire and moving equipments.
  • Necessary falling protection to be provided if working above 10 feet height. Also, provide safety net for any mishaps.
  • Scaffolding base shall be properly grounded on level surface and if necessary provide base plates.
  • Make sure locking arrangement, coupler and fitting are properly tied and secure. Guardrails should be provided at working platform if it is above 10 feet height.
  • Scaffolding pipes, joints, fittings should not be stored in contact with lime and cement. Moreover ensure proper cleaning of coupler, fitting and pipes regularly with the help of wire brush after work.
  • Locking arrangement and rails should be provided for wheel operated scaffolding.
  • Person should be well competent to work on the scaffolding and use proper PPE (Personal protective equipments ) during work such as head guard, shoes, safety belts, gloves and fall protections.
  • Scaffolding work should be thoroughly inspected by the competent authority / safety officer prior to start construction work.
Modern scaffolding system has completely been changed and expendable scaffolding are available to do complex job such as tower construction and mega structures. Although these kind of scaffolding is not popular in India because of higher cost and maintenance issue, but some of the special construction activities are require these types of scaffoldings for construction, repair and maintenance works.

Below is the list of Scaffolding manufacturers in India
1. Reliance Scaffolding, New delhi
2. Vijay Tools, Jalandhar, Punjab
3. Wheel Scaffolding India Ltd, Mohali, Punjab
4. Rishi Industries, Jalandhar, India
5. British Scaffolding, New delhi

Apart from the above, as an Engineer you are the right person to judge the scaffolding Installation and safe work practices in construction. If you like our article then please don’t forget to connect us on Facebook and Twitter.

Websites to get Free Engineering Books

If you thoroughly browse internet you will find tons of links available on Internet where you can download free Engineering books. These websites are offering free eBooks, subject literature, chapters, Index and other technical research documents. I personally recommend Google Books for your query related to online free Engineering books but few site listed below are useful source of all Engineering eBooks, papers and technical projects ( i.e. Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc.)

I can understand the value of money in student life. Therefore, websites listed down will provide you free download option and online reading which may help you save few bucks for buying other entertainment stuffs. Any ways, below is the list of top 5 websites for downloading Engineering Books.


FindPDF is a great website to browse for PDF version of engineering books. You can download, read online and covert into Text instantly without paying a single penny. This website library consist of approximate 250 Million articles, books and notes.


It is small and useful website for downloading free engineering and science books. You just need to register as a member and easily download eBooks of your choice. Apart from books, Bookboon has great collection of lecture videos which is helpful to learn difficult engineering concepts and topics.


If you are bookaholic then you don’t have to worry about your expenses on books. Free-eBooks website is for your reading thirst, go and download as many as books you want.
It is must bookmark website for Engineering students, professionals and working executives.


Bookyards is an ultimate book godown of paid and free books. This websites has a collection of all the technical, non technical, arts and science books.

Free Engineering Books

It is comparatively new website but offers free engineering books to download in any form such as PDF, rar and zip. This website contains useful engineering Text Books, notes and reference articles on various topics such as computer engineering, mechanical Engineering, chemical engineering, mining engineering and many more.

Apart from the above, if you are Auto Cad professional and looking for online freelancing job then read our previous article on Websites for Auto Cad freelancing jobs.

Top Civil Engineering companies in India

What do you understand by “civil engineering companies”, it is not about construction or real estate business. These companies deal in all kinds of infrastructure and developments whether it is residential, power, transportation, industrial, mega power projects, railways, energy etc. We have also mentioned in our earlier post that development of any country is not possible without having quality resources available within own country premises. Tata, Nagarjuna, L&T, Punj Lloyd and Gammon are among of the top civil engineering companies in India which are catering the largest Indian and overseas construction market. Below list of top civil engineering companies are useful for those aspiring students who have passed BE, Btech or diploma in civil engineering stream and looking for better career opportunities in top civil engineering companies in India.

Top civil engineering companies in India
(Image courtesy of debspoons/

Larsen &Toubro

It is a 13.8 Billion dollar construction group having strong hold in Indian market; it is the oldest civil engineering company which later started dealing in other segments like electrical, power, mechanical and software. Company was established in the year 1938 and it has been playing a vital role in development of modern India.
You may visit company’s career portal here and right away apply for jobs as they hire fresher civil Engineering students and experienced people many times in a year.
L&T Headquarter: Mumbai India

Tata Projects

Tata group is prestigious group which is having great market reputation and significant impact on Indian Industry for last few decades. The company was established in the year 1979 and group headed by Cyrus Mistry.
I am sure you may enjoy their HR policies and best working environment if you get selected in Tata Projects. Get detail career information here
Tata Projects Headquarter: Mumbai, India

Gammon India

Gammon India ltd is one of the top civil engineering company, established in the year 1922 by Mr. John Gammon. Gammon India has multiple businesses in civil engineering and construction sector, which make it strong player as far as concern of prospective employer. Get the complete recruitment details from company’s career portal here.
Gammon India Headquarter: Mumbai, India

Nagarjuna Construction company

NSE & BSE listed construction company earned great respect in Indian Construction field. It was established in the year 1978. NCC is basically a hardcore Civil engineering company which has so far constructed many  prestigious projects all across India and overseas. If you want to establish your career in this giant construction company then apply without wasting  time here.
Nagarjuna Construction Headquarter: Hyderabad, India

Punj Lloyd

Punj Lloyd is in oil, gas, power and infrastructure sector, It is an Indian origin company operating in Asia pacific, Africa and South Asia. Punj Lloyd was established in the year 1988 and became best Engineering procurement construction (EPC) company in the year 1995 in India. It will offer you great opportunity to excel your career in Civil engineering field. You may apply online from their career portal here.

Punj Lloyd Headquarter: New delhi, India

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Estimating and costing in civil engineering

Estimation and costing is a technique of calculating the quantity and expenditure to be incurred at the time of Project.
Following requirement are necessary for preparing an estimate in civil engineering.

+ Plan, elevation and complete set of drawing.
+ Detail information about workmen/staff compensation
+ BSR – Basic schedule rates
In modern era project estimates are prepared based on many factors considering Government taxes, safety, security and contingencies.

Units of Measurements

The units of measurements are mainly sub-divided for their nature, shape and size for making payments to parties/contractors. The following principle unit of measurements generally consists;
  1. Running meter – It is taken into account when width specified – handrail, cornice, fencing, handrail,
  2. Numbers – Single units like doors, windows, truss if specified are expressed in numbers
  3. Square meter / Square feetsurface measurement, plastering, painting, partition wall ( when thickness specified)
  4. Cubic meter / Cubic feet – Earth work, concrete, masonry etc specified in cubic meters.

Estimation and costing

Techniques of Estimating and costing in civil engineering

    • Long and short wall technique
    • Center line technique
    • Combination of both techniques

    Long and short wall technique

    In this particular method the length of room is assumed to be long and perpendicular to long wall considered to be short wall. In this method, first mark the center line of both the walls and long wall calculation to be done first taking full length into account. For short wall each half breadth of long wall shall be deducted from both ends.

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    Center line technique

    It is suitable where cross section area is similar. Total center line length is multiplied by breadth and depth to determine the quantity. This method helps us to estimate quick and accurate  calculations.

    Combination of both techniques

    It is combination of the both above mentioned techniques. It is adopted when outer wall and the inner walls are having different thickness. In that case, a center line technique is applied to outer walls and long –short wall techniques for internal walls.
    This is one of the practical methods as most of the estimation and costing in civil engineering can be done using this technique.

    How to prepare an estimate

    Preliminary estimate is required for budgetary approval from higher authorities and many other aspects. Now days, estimation are also made to understand the Investment return of the project. The estimate is prepared from the practical knowledge and cost of the similar project works in nearby area. However up to 10% additional quantity should be taken in to account for contingencies. Following are the methods used for preparation of estimates,
    1. Plinth area
    2. Cubical content
    3. Unit base

    Plinth area

    The cost of construction is calculated by multiplying plinth area with plinth area rate. Generally plinth area rate are considered in respect of quality, labour & materials, height of building, type of roofs and number of storey.

    Cubical contents method

    Cubical contents method is used for high rise buildings. It is rather accurate and practical method to determine building cost. The cost of structure is calculated approximately as the volume of buildings multiplied by cubic rate (local).

    Unit Base method

    In this method the cost of building is calculated by multiplying the total number of units with unit rate of each separate item. In case of hotel ‘guest room’ is considered to be as one unit and dividing by total expenditure incurred of similar building in the nearby area.
    But you cannot get accurate rate due to fluctuation in material price with respect to current rate. Therefore better to compare material rate of latest completed projects.

    If you have any question related to Estimating and costing in civil engineering, please ask below in comment section.

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